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Aug 2015
Ivan R. Perez
Aug 03 2015 14:42
Guys I have another quick question. In the bootcamp it says that in PreStart I can call "Stash.UnstashAll()" to persist messages between actor restarts. However, whenever I do that and the stash is empty, the actor crashes. Any ideas?
Arjen Smits
Aug 03 2015 15:23
It says that? Thats odd, it should be Stash.Stash()
The actor unstashes all stashed messages automatically on restart
Or start
And it should be the PreRestart not the PreStart. PreStart is where you initialise your actor.
@irperez if you can point out exactly in which module it says that. That would help
Ivan R. Perez
Aug 03 2015 16:13
My mistake, I didn't put the "IWithUnboundedStash" interface on the class. User error.
In that case Stash was null.