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Aug 2015
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 19 2015 06:06
@bobbychopra Actor<_> (usually called mailbox) has Stash/Unstash methods.
Aug 19 2015 12:41
I am working through the Akka.Net bootcamp and have an issue with lesson 1.6. After a file tail has been started, the console never accepts additional input so the "exit" command cannot be entered. I built and ran the application from the Completed folder and was able to reproduce the behavior. Adding a "ContinueProcessing" message after the call to start the TailCoordinatorActor appears to resolve the issue, although I am not sure if this is really correct.
Aaron Stannard
Aug 19 2015 17:25
@ericwscott first time I've heard that - tough for me to judge whether it's right or wrong or not :p
but hey, if you went through the trouble to find that bug and fix it - at least you learned how to debug actors in the process