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Aug 2015
Pawel Kasperek
Aug 23 2015 10:24
@Aaronontheweb On
last meetup you talk aby monitoring Akka with Elasticsearch / Kibana. Have you any sample of monitoring Akka with ELK?
Roger Johansson
Aug 23 2015 11:45
There are a few issues with this setup, Log messages internal to Akka.NET itself, are just generated in an old fashion flat log style, so even if you use the Serilog adapter that can output semantic logs to elasticsearch, the akka internal logs will not be handled well by elasticsearch.. I have discussed this with Typesafe who makes JVM akka, and they might possibly switch to semantic logging in jvm akka, and in that case, we will follow their lead..
I did my own proof of concept logging adapter that translated the flat logs into semantic logging templates, and that worked quite well with elasticsearch. I did however not continue that effort as I'm waiting for feedback from Typesafe