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Aug 2015
Maciek Misztal
Aug 24 2015 11:09
@Aaronontheweb I've got a question about remoting : Assuming I have an actor system running "remotely" and I want to communicate with it, is there any way to have some sort of authentication/authorization between that actor system and the client ? Or is this something that I need to implement on my own? (like smuggling a JWT token in the message?)
Muhammad Afzal Qureshi
Aug 24 2015 12:47
The sample shows that actors are individual classes , and they are communicating within the same process. Is it possible that actor becomes a separate process and the communication happens interprocess ?
Luk Vermeulen
Aug 24 2015 13:20
@mmisztal1980 I would love to be corrected on this - being an newbie fan myself - but I suspect actor A would send an authentication message to actor B which responds with a token, that actor A would need to include in every message sent to actor C which is doing the authenticated work?
Suhas Chatekar
Aug 24 2015 17:06
@goldytech Akka.Remoting does that -