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Sep 2015
Jens Pettersson
Sep 17 2015 12:06
I'm building a system that needs to send a message to an actor once every day that starts off a job (yes, the classic type of 'nightly batch job'). Can I use the built in Scheduler on the ActorSystem or is it better to use a different scheduler (like Quartz) that kicks off this job. The built in Scheduler only uses "TellOnce / TellRepeatedly" but after a specifict time span, not ON a specific time, or have I missed something?
Roger Johansson
Sep 17 2015 12:17
The built in scheduler isn't really intended for that kind of scenarios. if you have a system restart during this time, that scheduled message will be lost
Jens Pettersson
Sep 17 2015 12:19
Ok, thanks, will try to use something else for the scheduling