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Sep 2015
Mark Bastian
Sep 29 2015 13:26

I just completed lesson 1.3. One mistake I initially had was that I passed the consoleWriterActor as a parameter to the consoleReaderActor constructor when it was actually execting a validationActor. The reader actor sent the first string to the writerActor, which gladly wrote the string, but did not tell its sender to continue and the app hung.

Since we're only passing around IActorRefs and not more strongly typed interfaces, the compiler can't catch this type of mistake early. Will this type of issue be addressed by some other mechanism in the Actor system?

Terry Lewis
Sep 29 2015 20:28


(a)ke4vtw sounds like a good blog post to me man
You're right. So here's a quick one...

John Nicholas
Sep 29 2015 20:48
i should probably just write the code and test it, but does GetLogger return null if nothing is configured?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 29 2015 20:51
@MrTortoise there is always some logger configured. Console logger at least.
John Nicholas
Sep 29 2015 21:16
ahh cool, thanks
Aaron Stannard
Sep 29 2015 21:56
@ke4vtw that is bad ass man - we're going to tweet that out