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Oct 2015
Andrew Skotzko
Oct 13 2015 02:43
@bobbychopra awesome, thanks! If I haven't merged it in within 48 hours, ping me por favor
(Onsite with customers and slow to respond, but want to get it merged)
Peter Grman
Oct 13 2015 08:55
Hi, I've created an issue ~2 days ago, but maybe it's better just as a question here (somehow missed the reference to gitter). The issue about tail from 1.4 with the detailed description is here: petabridge/akka-bootcamp#153 the short summary: ReadToEnd doesn't work on large files, so I've implemented my own ReadToEnd method which returns the first MB of data + sends a message to itself to keep reading, until all the data has been read. I wanted to know, if that is a valid pattern in the actor model (or specifically in or how else this issue could be resolved - it works nicely, as long as I don't read the output on the console, but redirect my stdout to a file