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Oct 2015
Mani Gandham
Oct 27 2015 02:25
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Patrick Kelly
Oct 27 2015 21:17
How can I employ a TestScheduler instance in a unit test fixture that inherits TestKitBase? I have tried casting the scheduler of the TestKit's ActorSystem to an instance of TestScheduler and it reports an invalid cast because the scheduler in effect in the TestKit is a DedicatedThreadScheduler.
John Nicholas
Oct 27 2015 21:24
@featuresnap i havent tried but found this pull request that might point in the right direction
Joe Flood
Oct 27 2015 21:25
you need to sswap it in the config
John Nicholas
Oct 27 2015 21:45
is there a full schema for the config file anywhere?
or just trawl for conf files?