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Nov 2015
Nov 05 2015 19:50
I'm new to Akka.Net and to get started I am currently doing the bootcamp lessons
In unit1, session 2 basic messages are being defined. I wonder if "object is xyz" is the long term solution for handling messages in your actors
Or is it really the way to go? a whole lot of switch statements with "is" evaluation? Are there any other techniques introduced in the remainder of the tutorial?
If I am not mistaken actually was also a question from Scott Hanselmann in the Hanselminutes podcast. I'm not sure if it was even answered.
Aaron Stannard
Nov 05 2015 20:37
@naymore don't judge a tutorial designed to introduce a lot of unfamiliar concepts in the most step by step way possible from the frame of "long-term best practices" ;)
the ReceiveActor, which we introduce in Unit 2
uses lambdas, strong typing, and predicates to do this
without having F# style pattern matching available in C# (yet), we're stuck with is or the ReceiveActor's predicate compiler