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Nov 2015
Nov 09 2015 15:37
Quick question: I have a small actor console application. After I'm done processing all messages I want to gracefully shutdown the system . I'm using a round robin router so is there a preferred shutdown pattern. I'm using a System.AwaitTermination call when but it never seems to return so I suspect something isn't shutting down.
Also here's a warning I get every time I shutdown. Which is a little mystifying. "[WARNING][11/9/2015 3:37:32 PM][Thread 0013][LocalActorRefProvider(akka://Silver
PopSurveyAnswers)] akka://SilverPopSurveyAnswers/temp trying to remove non-child
Nov 09 2015 15:43
P.S. I solved the system.AwaitTermination hangup issue but the above warning and the deadletter warning I get when I shutdown the system because there's no work to do. - "[INFO][11/9/2015 3:37:32 PM][Thread 0016][akka://SilverPopSurveyAnswers/user/$c]
Message DeathWatchNotification from akka://SilverPopSurveyAnswers/user/$c to ak
ka://SilverPopSurveyAnswers/user/$c was not delivered. 5 dead letters encountere
d." Granted it's an info message so I suspect it's a normal part of the shutdown process, is that correct?