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Nov 2015
Andrew Skotzko
Nov 10 2015 00:38
@mggillen yep, normal
Nov 10 2015 12:18
I re-read blog piece on shutting down actors but I'm still getting an issue when using Context.System.Stop in my controller actor. Unless I use the Context.System.Shutdown method my console app just hangs because the AwaitTermination call never returns. I verified the Stop message is being sent but as far as I can tell the system isn't really stopping. If I use actors that descend from " untyped actor" things work as expected using "Receive Actor" they don't.
Andrew Skotzko
Nov 10 2015 17:28

@mggillen I think you may be conflating system shutdown w/ actor shutdown. Call Context.Stop(IActorRef) to stop an actor. Call Context.System.Shutdown() to stop the entire ActorSystem.

AwaitTermination() is waiting for Context.System.Shutdown() to be called.