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Nov 2015
Aaron Stannard
Nov 13 2015 20:10
@/all this blog post has been 2-3 weeks in the works, and now it's finally done: - everything you ever wanted to know about unit testing Akka.NET actors using Akka.TestKit
Nov 13 2015 20:11
@Aaronontheweb Thanks!
Milan Jaric
Nov 13 2015 21:45
Can anyone provide some guidance about virtual-node
Aaron Stannard
Nov 13 2015 21:45
@mjaric virtual nodes in Consistent hash routerS?
Milan Jaric
Nov 13 2015 21:49
Can anyone throw some light on what could be config options for virtual-nodes-factor attribute in case oh consisten hashing router when there is tens of thousand actors underneath?
Aaron Stannard
Nov 13 2015 21:50
v-nodes are a mathematical construct behind the consistent hashing algorithm
designed to more evenly distribute hash values across a range
for instance, if you're stuck with a really really low-cardinality hash key like an auto-incrementing integer
all of your hash values are going to fall into roughly the same area
so virtual nodes sub-divide that area across more physical nodes
designed to help avoid hotspots
has very little to do with # of routees
much more to do with what type of key you're using
if your key values all fall within the same part of the hash range, set a higher number of virtual nodes
if your key values are evenly distributed (like if you're using a Guid)
then you can use a lower virtual nodes setting
John Nicholas
Nov 13 2015 22:46
and more magic is revealed to the ignorant masses! thanks :D