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Nov 2015
Michael Sync
Nov 26 2015 02:47
Guys! What is the good approach to create a visualizer for Is it a good idea to use .net profiling api + add custom instrumentation to visualize the actor system.. Or, Does already have something (eventstream or cluster gossip) that I can subscribe to get the information about actors and the messages that are passing around ?
Le Minh Quang
Nov 26 2015 10:05
hi all, I am new Actor model fan, studying akka-bootcamp, in lesson 5 , I am not clear why we still need to pass consoleWriterActor into FileValidatorActor ctor.
Can we implement public IActorRef ReporterActor { get { return Context.ActorSelection("akka://MyActorSystem/user/consoleWriterActor"); } }, is it fine?
Le Minh Quang
Nov 26 2015 10:16
sorry , misreading