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Jan 2016
Marc Piechura
Jan 04 2016 05:22
@mmisztal1980 you can use Ask<T>, it returns Task<T>
Maciek Misztal
Jan 04 2016 07:06
@Silv3rcircl3 I'm not interested in a result, what I want is to make an async Tell call
Marc Piechura
Jan 04 2016 07:09
Tell is by default async so you don't need to await it
By async I don't mean the async keyword but rather that the call returns even if the actor hasn't processed the message
Maciek Misztal
Jan 04 2016 08:34
got it, cheers
David Rodriguez
Jan 04 2016 17:59
Are there any detailed use cases on how Akka can be implemented for an API?
Or sample projects?
John Nicholas
Jan 04 2016 19:42 ... but more involved than you probably want but think it has what you need in it
i think the standard way to call into akka from non akka is to use ask
if you need a response .. otherwise you can get an actor and just tell
you could also write an actor that contains a callback ... although some thought over threading would be required probably.