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Jan 2016
Sean Gilliam
Jan 09 2016 00:01
@fysicus np :)
Aaron Stannard
Jan 09 2016 00:23
@mmisztal1980 basically Akka.Persistence does everything a repository would do for you
and dictates its own schema for doing such
you should only use it if the data written by Akka.Persistence doesn't need to be used for other stuff like reporting
so it's not an all-up replacement for it
you can get some events back from the persistence system for handling errors and that sort of thing
but you can't touch the code that actually writes and reads from the database
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 09 2016 06:59
@mmisztal1980 history is quite similar to other eventsourcing startegies. You don't need to use eventsourcing for all entities in your application and you may treach event journal as a log used later to generate data in any shape your want i.e. for purposes of reporting
Olivier Mühring
Jan 09 2016 13:00
@sean-gilliam I will try what you suggested, I do have my doubts to. I thought the hostname property was filled in correctly. I could be mistaken of course.