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Jan 2016
Jan 15 2016 18:10
Lesson 2.1: Passing Akka.configuration HOCON in program.cs instead of App.config
Why this is not working (defining HOCON in program.cs)?
static void Main()
            var config = ConfigurationFactory.ParseString(@"
                      /charting {
                            dispatcher =

            var system = ActorSystem.Create("MyActorSystem", config);
            //var system = ActorSystem.Create("MyActorSystem"); //Original

            ChartActors = ActorSystem.Create("ChartActors");
            Application.Run(new Main());
Marc Piechura
Jan 15 2016 18:35
@Davtomas I think /charting needs to be /ChartActor
And you probably want to create an actor right?^^ ActorSystem.Create("ChartActors") creates another ActorSystem. You need system.ActorOf to create an actor also contains the different ways of setting a dispatcher
Aaron Stannard
Jan 15 2016 23:07
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