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Apr 2016
Apr 02 2016 11:03
In the crawler example there's a pub sub example. If the actors are in the same system (even same class file keep it simple) for this to work is akka remoting library required for this to work?
So one actor which does ActorOf<T>.Tell(). Correct me if I am wrong here but these aren't child actors but live at the same level as the actor sending the message..
Marc Piechura
Apr 02 2016 11:05
@OnamChilwan for pub sub inside an actor system you don't need remote
Apr 02 2016 11:12
@Silv3rcircl3 cheers think I have done something wrong, well I must have
Apr 02 2016 12:21
The crawler example I noticed has actors coming in as dependencies is this a common thing to do? This to prevent child actors which are more difficult to unit test..