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Jun 2016
Jun 17 2016 17:40
Hello, I just started learning Akka.NET and I have a question about some of the examples I am seeing . Does the ActorSystem handle Child Actors differently if a Child Actor is created in the PreStart() and saved as a Member Variable, as shown in the Boot Camp vs. creating the Child Actor in the OnReceive() as a Local Variable that I see other examples do.
Aaron Stannard
Jun 17 2016 18:36
@DL-BrownBag nope, they're treated the same way
as long as there isn't another child with the same name, you're good to go
snap, I've gotten behind on answering questions
sorry about that folks!
been busy trying to get our next big release out
I believe you need to add this
to App.config
    <section name="akka" type="Akka.Configuration.Hocon.AkkaConfigurationSection, Akka"/>
just need to declare the configuration section
@M0ns1gn0r I have no idea on the F# bits
those are still a work in progress
and not written by me :p
@Stefano-Longo glad you figured that out
@Tyagit3 I think I answered your question in the main Akka.NET gitter chat a few days ago; you good?
Jun 17 2016 19:58
Thank you!