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Jul 2016
Aaron Stannard
Jul 19 2016 20:08
@Infatum that's because there are a multiple schedulers all running at 250ms
and they're going ot be staggered
@douglasbruce88 we haven't finished bootcamp for F# yet -that's been developed by the community and not by Petabridge
still looking for some help there!
Jul 19 2016 22:53
Silly question that I haven't found on any of Akka's sites
How does one pronounce "Akka"?
Hard a or soft a? "ACK" or "OCK"?
Jul 19 2016 23:18
I've always pronounced it to sound like the A in "actor" (eg: "acka"), but after watching a number of videos it appears the official pronunciation is more like "ocka". I'm sure there's some subtle difference that Swedish speakers might be able to explain, given:
Jul 19 2016 23:18