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Jul 2016
Jul 20 2016 07:42
Hi everyone, Just brought the ebook, done a few example, Working out something for myself
Is it possible host in Azure?
I want to get this thing into the cloud , while working with Xamarin
Jul 20 2016 13:45
I've been having a ton of fun with Akka so far, but I just started trying to integrate it into an enterprise code-base, and I'm hitting a wall with the nuget package. It installs successfully, but the Akka namespace is not being recognized by intellisense. Does the package target a particular .NET framework version?
Or is there some list of reqs I am unaware of?
Aaron Stannard
Jul 20 2016 15:11
@cyrsis yep, you can use this on Azure
lots of users are already
@Aarskin Akka.Actor is the namespace where most of the core stuff is
that's inside the NuGet package