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Aug 2016
Aaron Stannard
Aug 29 2016 18:05
@jeblackburn Akka.NET is not ASP.NET; we don't offer that kind of functionality and never will (*except for maybe Akka.HTTP.)
Akka.NET is infrastructure for building high performance concurrent + distributed software
the correct place for us to add some sort of authentication / security mechanism is at the transport layer
which we are adding in 1.5 - the default transport will now support TLS out of the box
but that's just verifying the integrity of the connection
and the identities of the connected parties
any user-defined authentication / authorization is a concern that is application-specific and can't be transparently bolted onto user-defined messages in a framework-provided way
at some point in the future when Akka.HTTP is introduced
that would be a place where it makes sense to have auth built-in
since HTTP is conducive to that
and we have no plans to port Akka.HTTP any time soon; it's taken a team of 6 people working full time more than two years to implement it on the JVM
Aaron Stannard
Aug 29 2016 18:10
we have half a dozen other modules that are being worked on and will be released first