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Sep 2016
Artur Karbone
Sep 30 2016 07:07
@Aaronontheweb @ArturKarbone do you think that'd be a good idea? if so, I can clean it up some and edit it . Yes
yes Aaron abosutelly for couple of reasons 1) Not sure that video will stay forever in gotowebinar 2) In Youtube you can adujust speed, which is important especially when you want to repeat/recall something. I personally prefer playing at x1.5 speed, etc. Please don't waste time editing it. Upload it as is. Thanks a lot
subhajit panda
Sep 30 2016 08:25
Hie There
I am new to know am about to start my 1st akka code,but i am facing problems.can anyone help me?
Sep 30 2016 17:43
@subhajitpanda_twitter No need to ask if you can ask. I'd recommend just stating your problem instead of (now 9 hours later) getting a response back "yeah, depending on what your problem is someone might be able to help you" which means you just end up asking anyways. So please, ask away! :)