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Oct 2016
Aaron Stannard
Oct 17 2016 14:54
@ArturKarbone good to know
@Arkatufus I'd never forgo a database completely
it's role in a stateful application is different than it's role in a stateless one though
a database is just backup storage for state - it's designed to store state that isn't being used and keep a cold copy of the state that's being actively used in the event of a crash or failure
fyi, we're talking about an application / production database here - should be treated separately from a reporting database or any sort of back office thing
SQL Server has, unfortunately, trained a lot of developers into using a single database for both purposes
but that's a subject for a different day
your application state should always be the source of truth
for when your application is live and running
the database should be there to re-hydrate that application state when it needs to be used
so your relationship with your database becomes much more write-heavy than read-heavy
Amri Hidayat
Oct 17 2016 22:26
@Aaronontheweb how does reporting database fit in this application?
John Nicholas
Oct 17 2016 22:46
well reporting would usually come off something like OLAP, to get to that there are several options. Eg EventSourced. More traditional would be using object db for your event/command store, think transactional and use that to generate rdb that you then denormalise into the OLAP.