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Apr 2017
Ilya Komendantov
Apr 12 2017 07:48
@heynickc yep, exactly! )
Nick Chamberlain
Apr 12 2017 13:43
@IlyaKomendantov_twitter I think what happens is that the PersistentActor sends an additional message to its Journal asynchronously, so depending on the kind of message that you're expecting from the PersistentActor child you can't expect the actor's Journal to be done processing (CRUD'ing to its storage) when you make your assertion. You have ways to get around this, but you might not actually have a problem depending on your unique scenario - like if you're not worried if the PersistentActor is done Persisting, or you're sending an acknowledgement message to the Parent from the PersistenceActor. You will likely have problems if you try to assert that the PersistentActor can fully Recover immediately after you Persist, so that's likely what is meant by "will not play well". In those cases, you can alter your PersistentActor to send an acknowledgement after its Journal is done in combination with an AwaitAssert wrapping your ExpectMsg.