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Jun 2017
Aaron Stannard
Jun 16 2017 15:38
@chipdice I saw you posted a similar question in the main Akka room
did you get what you needed there?
@jesseconnr > will a poison pill instance kill an actor even if it's in the middle of some blocking work similar to implementing a cancellation token and checking for it within a loop?
the actor has to finish executing its current receive operation
before it can process any more messages
including system / built-in messages
so a common pattern that occurs in practice is that if you have an extremely long-running piece of work
wrap it in a Task and have the actor hold onto a CancellationToken for that task
that way you can send messages to the actor
and have it cancel the job mid-progress
has to do with the fact that using a user token results in an abuse block within a few seconds, halting all api calls from that point on for a while.
yeah, it's mostly API throttling
especially because the repos we suggested using in the tutorial have grown from hundreds of stars to thousands now :p
so it's a much larger job than it used to be
Jun 16 2017 19:08
@Aaronontheweb Yes I did get an answer. I just posted another concerning DistributedPubSub and high frequency as well as using 600+ topics/ Any thoughts?