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Jun 2017
Jun 26 2017 19:05
I'm working through Unit 2- Lesson 4 and it says at the bottom that messages are ignored while the monitor is paused, but I'm unable to replicate the behavior the gif displays. When I hit pause, I can confirm I do not hit the breakpoints, but the chart still seems to behave properly when un-pausing, meaning if I pause with all 3 counters enabled, then disable Memory, CPU & Disk, then enable Memory, and hit resume, the chart picks back up with only Memory displaying. Am i missing what the lesson is stating is broken?
Aaron Stannard
Jun 26 2017 20:17
@elements-of-boredom you need to implement the stashing in lesson 5
otherwise it will remain broken by design ;)
Jun 26 2017 21:40
@Aaronontheweb I guess what I'm getting at is, the gif that demonstrates its "brokenness" is not how my application behaved. With or without stash I seemed to have the desired behavior.
desired behavior being the final output of lesson 5, where buttons say in sync with what the chart is drawing