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Feb 2018
Matteo Defanti
Feb 16 2018 14:26

A (hope stupid) question.
Some assumptions: the way i am debugging actors in Akka.Net right now is placing breakpoints on every OnReceive or Receive<T>, that seems to work.

But i found this method too much homemade.
The "problem" is that after Tell() is called, the message is going to the actor on a separate Thread, and so Visual Studio doesn't step into the ReceiveMethod.

I hope, since here i didn't write stupid things.

So is there a solution on this problem?

Laimonas Simutis
Feb 16 2018 16:05
@MatteoDefanti_twitter yeah, step in would not work, you are stepping into akka internals to send out a message. Would setting the breakpoint in the receive method do the trick? Just set the breakpoint there instead of trying to step through the debugger from the calling actor/location.
Matteo Defanti
Feb 16 2018 22:43
Yeah, but it's only me or debugging like that make things a bit too complicated?
Code with actors is far from being readable if you consider the whole application and you have seen it for the first time.
I don't want to complain, I'm just asking to myself and to you how would you debug the code.. in pretty complex environments such as unit 2 lesson 3