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May 2018
May 31 2018 19:22
Hi everyone! I stucked on Unit-3's lesson1
Can anybody help?
my app stop working on 56 line GithubCommanderActor.cs :
i guess it can't find coordinator actor created this way :
_coordinator = Context.ActorOf(Props.Empty.WithRouter( new BroadcastGroup(ActorPaths.GithubCoordinatorActor.Name + "1", ActorPaths.GithubCoordinatorActor.Name + "2", ActorPaths.GithubCoordinatorActor.Name + "3")));
why this happening?
May 31 2018 19:29
And why completed solutions downloaded from github always faults authentication?
Aaron Stannard
May 31 2018 20:32
have you looked at the completed solution?
and seen what we're doing differently on that line?