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Apr 2019
Apr 11 14:39
Hi, I'm just starting with the Actor Model, and working on the Unit 1 of the Bootcamp, and I'm a little confused about the Observer object. I'm working on a project in which I need to watch a folder, then decrypt the file, then deserialize it and finally update a database. I was thinking on using on actor for each job, but now I don't know if I should create, besides the actors, also one object for each job, so the actors just orchestrate the tasks, and do all their magic, while the help objects do the real job. There's something about the FileWatcher that makes it more suitable for na object to control, or is there a best practice, or just a matter of choice?
Sorry, the Observer object, in Lesson 4!
Isaac Z.
Apr 11 16:28
@araobenjamin This would be a matter of choice, you could set it up the way you mentioned and have a Task Manager Actor that oversees each task you need to have completed by the help object and handle any error accordingly. You should however also be able do this through a child actor as well.
Apr 11 22:01
@izavala Like the example in the Lesson 4? A coordinator for each task, so it can supervise the child that activates the helper object? It sounds like a good idea, at least for the decrypt task, because after I decrypt the file there are several objects inside the text and I would be able to parallelize these deserializations.
I mean, ...a good idea, at least for the deserialize task,...