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Apr 2019
Larry Jones
Apr 27 16:18

Hi all, I'm struggling to go a bit beyond akka-bootcamp.

I am developing a RESTful API. Currently, I do integration testing manually using Postman. I would like to begin writing a "driver" for the API using Akka.NET beginning with simply feeding "commands" that would request resources but eventually using the parallelism of Akka.NET to support integration and load testing.

My struggle is: how to write a console application using an actor to read from the console. I easily read the first command; however, I find that my app eventually becomes stuck because of blocking calls to Console.ReadLine() (I tried using Console.In.ReadLineAsync().PipeTo(Self) but this variation seem to have the same behavior.

I have some experience with Erlang/Elixir. In that environment, this kind of actor just works. Additionally, I think I could simply move my read loop to Program.Main and feed results to different actors, but I had hoped for a "purer" approach.

P. S. I am quite a noob with Akka.NET.