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    TASnomad edited #210
@paps I'm trying to implement a captcha solve for linkedin, for when the session cookie gets invalidated
however, the redirect of their login screen causes this error;
{ Error: loading failed: net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
at maybeWrapAsError (/home/phantom/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/util.js:61:12)
at /home/phantom/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/nodeback.js:38:50
at /home/phantom/node_modules/nickjs/lib/es8/Tab.js:56:14
at fireCallback (/home/phantom/node_modules/nickjs/lib/es8/chrome/TabDriver.js:296:5)
at Chrome.loadingFailed (/home/phantom/node_modules/nickjs/lib/es8/chrome/TabDriver.js:336:5)
at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
at Chrome.emit (events.js:211:7)
at Chrome.handleMessage (/home/phantom/node_modules/chrome-remote-interface/lib/chrome.js:311:16)
at WebSocket.<anonymous> (/home/phantom/node_modules/chrome-remote-interface/lib/chrome.js:274:27)
at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
at WebSocket.emit (events.js:211:7)
at Receiver._receiver.onmessage (/home/phantom/node_modules/ws/lib/WebSocket.js:141:47)
at Receiver.dataMessage (/home/phantom/node_modules/ws/lib/Receiver.js:389:14)
at perMessageDeflate.decompress (/home/phantom/node_modules/ws/lib/Receiver.js:349:40)
at _decompress (/home/phantom/node_modules/ws/lib/PerMessageDeflate.js:306:9)
at _inflate.flush (/home/phantom/node_modules/ws/lib/PerMessageDeflate.js:386:7)
at afterWrite (_stream_writable.js:464:3)
at onwrite (_stream_writable.js:455:7)
at InflateRaw.afterTransform (_stream_transform.js:90:3)
at Zlib.callback (zlib.js:515:5)
there is a redirect for their captcha screen, but no redirect loop
any ideas?
Martin Tapia
@larswww interesting, when is this happening? After filling login/pwd and submitting?
How do you know there isn't a redirect loop in fact?
hi, do you know if i can scrape companies from linkedin sales navigator?
Abdullah khan
Hi nice work but i failed to find source code for LinkedIn Followers Insights
Martin Barreau
Hi @wazir1122wazir_twitter you can find the Followers Insights API code in the API-Store Github (
I'm trying to get a handle on how to use Phantombuster and a proxy service so that I can capture LI profiles without running into account maximums... so I would need to not use the session key. Can this be done using something like ProxyCrawl?
hey everyone! i'm new here.
can you please suggest where to start learning about developing web scrapping
Martin Barreau
Hello @chaitu-sap, you can take a look to this page:
thank you so much @TASnomad !!
I am getting first name & last name in 14 days trial. So if i buy this , will i get all details of the person?
Martin Barreau
Hello @bhaveshg007, could you tell me the name of the API you’re talking about?
Simeon Spasov
Hey, is it possible to edit the LinkedIn Post Commenters to get the comments from a specific starting point? When i run it I get 500 comments out of all 1000 that I want to get. So I'd like to run a second query for the next 500 (i.e. starting from comment 501). Thanks!
Miguel Rengifo
Hi guys, any one know how can I auto replace my input file on GDrive from Phantombuster. I want to refresh or replace it once per week
Arpit Khurana
Do you guys have an affiliate program. Pls let me know.
im using the page likers api, but , always i run it, at some point, it says something like Facebook took too long to load the rest of them. and stop the process and pass to the next link in the googlesheet, is because the proxy ?
Julien de Castelnau
hi guys, has anyone ever run into this issue on Phantombuster's Linkedin Company URL getter? How do I get around this?
🔄 Searching for Softchoice ... ⚠️ No more search engines available, please retry later. 🔄 Saving data...
Julien de Castelnau
Follow up question... So, just as some background for my needs, I use Phantombuster as a replacement for Linkedin's now deprecated v1 API - the functions the old API was providing were Linkedin Company URL, company domain, and industry code. You guys already have an API for the first thing, but I'm curious - is there a way to get the industry code without committing to your full Linkedin company data API? It takes far too long to run and I don't need the rest of the data - on top of that, the session cookie is something I don't understand how to automate. Maybe for the Phantombuster devs, can we have a new, configurable Linkedin API that lets you choose components you need? I think that would be really cool and useful for a lot of people, myself included.
Is someone else using the twitter autoretweeter ?
Peter Vasilion
Didn’t see a post up for it, but the GitHub API repo seems to have been removed. Anyone else catch an update from the PB team?
Martin Barreau
@pvasilion the source code is available on this repo:
Peter Vasilion
@TASnomad thanks. Do we know why the repo is no longer stored under PB’s account?
guess they need a new funding round
Fabrice Mous
Hi all. When reading the LinkedIn Premium page, it talks about unlimited search. I want to (ab)use the Email to LinkedIn Profile API and I am kind of hestiant if I can actually do a search for 500 mails to LinkedIn profile in the coming 24 hours without locking myself out of LinkedIn (Sales Navigator). Any experiences adn recommendations here? I have a Sales Navigator account.
Can you see what the issue is by this?
----- New Launch -----
  • Container 70071276 started in azu-us-west-ca-botrunner-0 (Sun Jun 16 2019 20:42:53 GMT+0000 (UTC))
  • Got dependency LinkedIn Profile Scraper.js
  • Got dependency lib-LinkedIn.js
  • Got dependency lib-StoreUtilities.js
  • Got dependency lib-LinkedInScraper.js
  • Got dependency lib-Hunter.js (babel transform applied)
  • Got dependency lib-Dropcontact.js
  • Got dependency lib-DiscoverMail.js
  • Got dependency
  • Spawning Node v8.10.0
    ❌ Input is a Search URL and not a Spreadsheet or Profile URL. Please use our Search Export API to extract results from that URL.
  • Process finished with an error (exit code: 76) (Sun Jun 16 2019 20:42:54 GMT+0000 (UTC))
Ilia Uglov
Hi all! I launch agent and get result when i launch agent second time i see none from api, in console Input spreadsheet is empty OR we already scraped from all the posts of this spreadsheet. How i can scraped new result per request?
TaeWoo Kim

Hey guys. Big fan of PhantomBuster

Two questions. Sorry if these are complete noob question. Point me to right URL and i'll just read the docs myself, but I haven't been able to find the answers.

1) For linkedin network booster API, if I use it on repeat, is it supposed to automate the linkedin requests and generate who it was able to contact in the resulting CSV file? I notice that the CSV doesn't change after I check few hours

2) Before I upgrade to paid plan, is there a way to get the latest comments from Facebook groups so that I can use the Facebook Post Commenters API? Having to manually enter the URLs in that API seems painful since I'm checking multiple groups.

Sorry #1=> this should be Linkedin Search Export API
TaeWoo Kim
And is there a way to somehow get "notified" when a linkedin connection is made? So that i can automate sending a thank you message / extract info..?
Eric Dick
i'm having problems with auto-retweet
How to delete an agent?
Martin Barreau
@kpennell you’ll need to click the little caret near your API (on the My APIs page) name and select the Delete agent option
Hi everyone, I am new to Phantombuster
regarding this scraper Is there any way to do the instagram profile scraper using my own Nodejs WebApp, by having it talk through Phantombuster to query instagram profiles and get back the results through JSON?
MyLocalWebApp <---> Phantombuster <---> instagram?
Could someone help me please?
Martin Barreau
@bwyyoung you Can go check Phantombuster endpoint references at
Julien de Castelnau
Hi, I use phantombuster's Linkedin Company URL finder to fetch APIs daily and I've found that today my code is throwing a 403 error when trying to access the output CSV - I can access the link in my browser just fine and it seems like my code is pulling the correct link. The phantombuster web console doesn't show any signs of failure or warning. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it my code?
I should note that this is the first time I've encountered this error and it has worked fine for 6+ months
John-Kim Murphy
I'm experimenting with downloading pages in parallel. On my laptop, the performance seems to peak around 7 concurrent pages from the same domain (100 pages downloaded in 56 seconds). I think this peak is related to Chrome's limit of 6 max connections per domain. Is there a recommended number of simultaneous downloads on the PhantomBuster platform? I'm thinking it might be lower due to hardware limitations.
(I am also interested in concurrent uploads to services like Amazon S3)
Hi guys