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  • Jan 31 2019 17:42
    julesmaregiano reopened #215
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    Spygn on master

    PH APIs: updated links (compare)

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    julesmaregiano opened #215
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    TASnomad on master

    PPUF API (#176) (compare)

  • Jan 31 2019 16:28

    Spygn on master

    IPUF: numberOfLinesPerLaunch (compare)

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    TASnomad on master

    LPS / LNB APIs: WIP better UI/UX (compare)

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    LAI API: hotfix (compare)

  • Jan 31 2019 14:27

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    W2S API: WIP (compare)

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    LAW API: selector timeout fixed… TMS API: Properly handling susp… (compare)

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    lib-LS: checking timeleft befor… (compare)

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    LPS API: WIP better UI/UX for A… (compare)

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    Nit (compare)

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    TASnomad closed #198
  • Jan 30 2019 14:35

    TASnomad on master

    LAI API (#198): can send a mess… (compare)

  • Jan 30 2019 14:22
    TASnomad assigned #198
  • Jan 30 2019 13:42

    TASnomad on master

    GPS API: removing numberOfLines… MAC API: statefull hotfix (compare)

  • Jan 30 2019 13:18
    TASnomad labeled #195
  • Jan 30 2019 13:16
    TASnomad edited #210
TaeWoo Kim
And is there a way to somehow get "notified" when a linkedin connection is made? So that i can automate sending a thank you message / extract info..?
Eric Dick
i'm having problems with auto-retweet
How to delete an agent?
Martin Barreau
@kpennell you’ll need to click the little caret near your API (on the My APIs page) name and select the Delete agent option
Hi everyone, I am new to Phantombuster
regarding this scraper Is there any way to do the instagram profile scraper using my own Nodejs WebApp, by having it talk through Phantombuster to query instagram profiles and get back the results through JSON?
MyLocalWebApp <---> Phantombuster <---> instagram?
Could someone help me please?
Martin Barreau
@bwyyoung you Can go check Phantombuster endpoint references at
Julien de Castelnau
Hi, I use phantombuster's Linkedin Company URL finder to fetch APIs daily and I've found that today my code is throwing a 403 error when trying to access the output CSV - I can access the link in my browser just fine and it seems like my code is pulling the correct link. The phantombuster web console doesn't show any signs of failure or warning. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it my code?
I should note that this is the first time I've encountered this error and it has worked fine for 6+ months
John-Kim Murphy
I'm experimenting with downloading pages in parallel. On my laptop, the performance seems to peak around 7 concurrent pages from the same domain (100 pages downloaded in 56 seconds). I think this peak is related to Chrome's limit of 6 max connections per domain. Is there a recommended number of simultaneous downloads on the PhantomBuster platform? I'm thinking it might be lower due to hardware limitations.
(I am also interested in concurrent uploads to services like Amazon S3)
Hi guys
I have a problem with LinkedIn cookie expiration
does anyone have a solution on this?
John-Kim Murphy
Does any one know how to access MongoDB Atlas with PhantomBuster? Atlas requires whitelisting IP addresses before they can access the DB (
Hi any experimented programmer on telegram bots, please contact me on telegram @jufiiss
Martin Barreau
Hi @pysaquib, maybe you can set the CHROME_PATH environment variable before running your NickJS script.
CHROME_PATHenv variable should contain the absolute path of your Google Chrom binary.
You can check the NickJS documentation for environment variable here
Saquib Nasim
@TASnomad Thanks. It helped.
Saquib Nasim
Hey everyone ! I'm trying to automate LinkedIn but right after login I'm being redirected to an ad page instead of the home page. Is there any way out of this? How can I stop LinkedIn from doing this? Would really appreciate the help. @TASnomad
Martin Barreau
Hey @pysaquib! have you tried after your login to navigate to URL? (explicitly calling NickJS await‘')
What is actually the ad page?
Which login method do you use?
Session cookies or login/password?
Boris Borisov

Hi everyone!

I want to use the Phantombuster API (not sure of its name) - so I can pass the URL to a LinkedIn profile, and in return to get the scraped LinkedIn profile.

From what I read so far, I can launch an "agent" for scraping LinkedIn profile, that I have set through the Phantombuster GUI. But how do I change through the API the setting of what is the URL to the LinkedIn profile to be scraped?

Do you have a link to the relevant documentation?

Boris Borisov

I fund the documentation:

If you have some question about it, feel free to email me at

Hi, does anyone have any tips for managing session cookies at scale?
Trying to see the scraping challenges for an example use of cookies:
Is there a solution for this yet?
@BenHadman This is actually rather easy, found in the docs. setCookie.
If I want to evaluate some plain javascript not jquery How would I add this javascipt code into the nick evaluate?
Davide Franchioni
Hello, does the "LinkedIn Profile Scraper" bypass captcha?
Andrew Holway
Hello, is this still active?