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Jan 2014
Jan 01 2014 22:00
hey o/
Jan 01 2014 22:58
Heh, I just returned
i've just read the issue you opened
Jan 01 2014 22:58
I would've done my modification on the new build, but Visual Studio wouldn't open the .sln
So I had to get an older version of Wind Viewer and do it on that.
i've never used Visual Studio, so i can't really help you on that
but i know abahbob uses it
Jan 01 2014 23:00
I see.
im doing this on Xamarin Studio
Jan 01 2014 23:02
Ah, I see you were the one that ported the arc packing code
Jan 01 2014 23:06
Would it be possible to get files added in a specific order to an arc?
Well, duh, of course it would be possible
Yes I think we can reorder things without much hassle
But im speaking from memories, i haven't worked on this for a while now
I was really hyped for a month or so on this project, but then university took most of my time haha
Jan 01 2014 23:16
Right now I'm trying to solve an issue with the cutscene files that I've been avoiding
Models and animations are assigned based on the index of the model/animation in the arc
But there's something I can't understand
In demo01,arc, the cutscene where Link gets his outfit, the command for setting the outfit's model in item-form says it should be the 12th file in the arc
But it's actually the 3rd. ._.
I'm wondering if it doesn't go by actual files, but rather by the entries in the arc's header
I've got to go, but I'll be back later
maybe the index points to a rarc node, not a file
I'm going to check that. See you later
Yep, the 3rd FileEntry that is not a folder, is the 12th