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Jan 2014
Jan 03 2014 00:48
There are two ways for it to work
You can have the resource be entirely in the demo archive, like the Fairy Queen
She doesn't exist outside of he scene's arc. Her model and animations are all in there
The other way is that the engine uses an actor from the currently loaded map set-up
Link is an example of this
But also
You can have it where you have an actor object assigned to an actor in the map, but using animations from the archive
Ok cool.
On the wiki, at the JACT section you didnt say what "uu" means (xx xx xx xx J A C T 00 00 00 uu yy yy yy), is that unknown?
Since its before the ActorID, I would bet that it's a flag for picking the actor from the loaded scene or the file
Also, looks like we live in complete opposite timezones xD
have you been able to open the windviewer .sln?
Jan 03 2014 16:42
That stuff on Spinout's wiki is SEVERELY outdated. Do NOT use it.
That unknown is actually the size of the ASCII name of the object.
Like, "Link" is 5 bytes long if you include the null terminator
That length is in that field right before the name
Jan 03 2014 16:47
Also, I have not.
It would be nice if you could post the new info somewhere
What problem is Xamarin/VS giving to you? :S
Jan 03 2014 21:28
VS says that the .sln file was generated by a newer version of the program than what I have now
No, wait
It says "Solution folders are not supported in this version of the application"
Oh wow. I just noticed a problem with the project files
we merged a pull-request from a guy who said that 2 files weren't needed, since they were ide-related
but i was working on another branch so i didnt get those files deleted and didnt noticed that without those files, i cant open the project either lol
(Using Xamarin, not VS)
Ok, i just pushed some changes, and now you should be able to get it working with Xamarin Studio at least