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Hi all! Anybody knows how to configure anonymous consumer through xml and tags?
Whats's the max number of bindings for a queue where should be concened? 1, 2, 1000, infinite?
ilyes kooli
in theory, you can have MAX_INT exchanges and MAX_INT queues. So you can have up to MAX_INT² bindings (considering only one-to-one bindings). In reality however you will reach your hardware limits (maybe even your OS or Erlang vm limits) way before
ok, thank you. as i read will cause a minimal performance loss while routing, but that's fine
Hey guys!
Why do Consumer.php calls basic_ack on all the messages handled by consumer callback, which do not return any value like MSG_NACK constants etc?
This behaviour crashes all the prefetch_count logic - I can't consume N messages, do some work on them and ack/nack later.
How can I use Message acknowledgment with RabbitMqBundle ?
hey guys
how can i run rabbitmq on docker.
the example docs receive.py does not work in the container
Carlos Lombarte
Hi people!
Is there any way to make a producer connect to a different RabbitMQ server depending on a parameter I pass to it on runtime?
I've been looking through the docs and couldn't fine anything, thanks in advance!!
Hey @lombartec the producer takes the parameter set in your config file. As an alternative you can write a plain publisher and pass whatever you need.
Carlos Lombarte
Heya @tiborb at the end I solved it with your suggestion of writing a plain publisher, thanks for the reply! :smile:
Brahim Boukoufallah
Hi all ! I'm a neophyte with rabbitMQ use. I just wanna know if is it possible to pipe data from consumer to another ?
Allan Nava
Hey guys, i'm using java api client with Automatic Recovery but every time create a new connection, is possibile use the same connection?
Hi guys! Is anyone using --memory-limit for consumers? does it works properly?
Samuel Chiriluta

Hello, what's the best way to start and keep a consumer as a process running in background? I'm starting it with

"php ./bin/console rabbitmq:consumer queue_name --env=prod > log_file &"

but sometimes the process is stopped with this error:

"fwrite(); send of 13 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe"

Any idea? Thanks!

Jon West
@samuel4x4 - I use http://supervisord.org/ to manage LRP and their recovery/restart
@mingsterism - https://hub.docker.com/_/rabbitmq/ - docker run -d --hostname my-rabbit --name some-rabbit rabbitmq:3
@Brah0um - yes, sorta. On the same machine or over network with PHP sockets. But you would have better luck with pushing data back into a queue or over rmq where the consumer (waiting for data) using RPC (https://github.com/php-amqplib/RabbitMqBundle#rpc-or-replyresponse)
Jon West
@eidicon Yes memory limit works, yes, you will run out of memory and the consumer will die...
Pawel Duda
Hi people, I'm switching from php-amqplib/php-amqplib to php-amqplib/rabbitmq-bundle and wonder where can I pass the params as in the previous package
        'someQueueName',    #queue name, the same as the sender
        false,          #passive
        true,           #durable
        false,          #exclusive
        false           #autodelete
and this
        'someQueueName',  # queue
        '',    # consumer tag - Identifier for the consumer, valid within the current channel. just string
        false, # no local - TRUE: the server will not send messages to the connection that published them
        false, # no ack - send a proper acknowledgment from the worker, once we're done with a task
        false, # exclusive - queues may only be accessed by the current connection
        false, # no wait - TRUE: server will not respond to the method. Client should not wait for a reply method
        [$this, 'processMessage']      # callback - method that will receive the message
it was easy there, is it easy with php-amqplib/rabbitmq-bundle too ?
Pawel Duda
on php bin/console config:dump-reference old_sound_rabbit_mq
I'm getting
The extension with alias "old_sound_rabbit_mq" does not have its getConfiguration() method setup
Pawel Duda
already an issue here: php-amqplib/RabbitMqBundle#477
hi! can you explain for me how is work, https://www.rabbitmq.com/getstarted.html in The 1) example. I am run two costumer and message go to both costumer like in 2) example.
i think that when i run second costumer in 1) example, that not must read message
Mohammad Eftekhari
Hi ... My manager is forcing me to make my design simpler ... !
Imagine a simple Producer -> RabbitMQ -> Worker
All wrapped in Docker Services
Can I remove RabbitMQ from my design in favor of using Docker Services ?
Workers should run only one task at a time
It's like managing queued requests via docker services
Thanks in advance
Jon West
@bluemmb Take a look at enqueue - supports RabbitMQ and is PSR compliant.
@bluemmb But don't spin up single docker instances for each job - scale horizontally to support load but have a few workers on standby to avoid warm-up.
Can anyone help me to find a solution for this issue. I didn't get any response in stackoverflow . this is the link for the issue https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53467546/spring-boot-connection-failure-with-rabbitmq-web-stomp-plugin
Nissim Kurle
Can anyone please help me here
Hello everybody. Is this bundle still maintained?
Philippe M.
@enrico69 yes, a lot of PR are in wait ..
@philippem451 Great. I was wondering given the high number of PRs opened indeed.
How can I find how many messages are in the queue?
I don't want to publish low priority messages if the queue is above a certain size (1000 or 10000, not sure yet).
@Shinhan As far I know there is no possibility to know that through the connection. To know how much message you have in a queue, you have to do it either manually by checking in the admin or via contacting the API of RMQ. But I am not sure it is an issue for you. RMQ is very string and can handle thousand of messages easily. On top of that, you could consider other options like another queue for low priority messages.
Second queue wouldn't work because of licensing, I'll try curling the API.