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Jun 2015
Marcel Voigt
Jun 11 2015 16:43
Your first point is the reason for everything else. You need to run a "composer update" in the root folder. The external dependencies are in composer.json
To get started: It is basically essential. I'm sorry for not mentioning it
Marcel Voigt
Jun 11 2015 16:57
in case you're wondering why I didn't push these files: You should not commit your external dependencies. They have no reason to be in your project. Instead you list what you need in composer.json, run "composer update" and it will automatically download everything you need and put it in a folder "vendor" which you basically won't find in modern PHP repositories
also nochso\clilaunch\Model is not a class. It's a namespace that I'm using. Later on you see new Model\Bookmark() That translates to "I'm using class nochso\clilaunch\Model\Bookmark" which can be found in src/Model/Bookmark.php. Check the first line of that file :)
this may sound complicated if you haven't used this yet, but trust me, it WILL make your life easier and modern PHP development almost implies using composer