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Jul 2016
Jul 21 2016 08:57
hey everyone
is anyone using phpbrew with jenkins? I'm trying to build a universal node to run all jobs on (multiple instances of it) with some php and phpunit versions
Yo-An Lin
Jul 21 2016 08:58
you can follow the system wide installtion guide
Jul 21 2016 08:59
okay nice
any recommendations for jenkins plugins to specify the target php version?
i guess this is more jenkins related, but maybe someone already uses it
Jul 21 2016 10:24
mh building 5.3 on debian won't work, i checked the faq but the solution there doesn't work either
is there an equivalent command to
brew install intltool icu4c
brew link icu4c gettext --force
with phpbrew?
Jul 21 2016 15:05
ah, libicu-dev solved my issue there