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Repo info
    Adam Coddington
    the number of modules I see in there makes me bet that they're pretty great about handling PRs
    Yeah I really need to get it done 😊
    Hi,do you know how to get backup files in iCloud?Some softwares can get all backup files from iCloud,i think there must have a url @coddingtonbear
    Adam Coddington
    I'm afraid I have no idea
    @coddingtonbear oh,thanks :-/ :-/
    Francisco Aguilera
    Hello, does pyicloud still perform correct 2fa? I cannot get the service to send me a verification to save my life...
    Hi, when i use the command "icloud --list" nothing comes back. Only "CTRL+C" brings the prompt back. Solution? (Debian 8.6)
    with "icloud --username=username@domain.com" the same. :-1:
    Elvis Pfützenreuter
    Question: is there a way to dowload edited photos? I can get the originals, but not the edited versions
    I am getting this exception
    HTTPSConnectionPool(host='p32-photosws.icloud.com', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url:
    does anyone know how long it is
    any idea
    anyone around
    anyone around
    @itadder I have the same exception , Do u know why?
    Luke Quinane
    does anyone know why the post to the changeset url is needed here? https://github.com/picklepete/pyicloud/blob/master/pyicloud/services/contacts.py#L41
    Adam Coddington
    I'm not directly aware, no, but it may help you to know that the PR adding that feature was added by @joachimneu. I don't have contact information for him, but you might be able to google his name to find a way of raeching out, tmyroadctfig.
    photo = next(iter(api.photos.albums['Screenshots']), None)
    download = photo.download()
    with open(photo.filename, 'wb') as opened_file:
    Hi When I try to download the photos using the above code nothing gets downloaded, what would be missing ?
    Tsilavina Razafinirina
    Hi guys, I guess there is still no workaround about 2fa right now. So I am wondering if anyone have heard of carddav server and how it can be used to pull iOs contacts?

    Hello! I’ve had to modify the 2SA authentication example in the readme because I’m creating an Alfred 3 workflow, so the first script looks like this:


    import sys, os, time
    from workflow import Workflow3, ICON_WARNING, Variables

    log = None
    device = sys.argv[0]

    def main(wf):
    from pyicloud import PyiCloudService
    login_info = None
    for line in open("apidata.txt", "r").readlines():
    login_info = line.split()

    api = PyiCloudService(login_info[0], login_info[1])

    if name == "main":
    wf = Workflow3()
    log = wf.logger


    So that first script seems to work fine and send the verification code to whichever device the user has selected.
    The problem is, in the second script, once the user has input their verification code, api.validate_verification_code(device, code) sends ANOTHER iCloud popup!


    import sys, os
    from workflow import Workflow3, ICON_WEB, ICON_WARNING

    auth_code = sys.argv[0]

    def main(wf):
    from pyicloud import PyiCloudService

    login_info = None
    for line in open("apidata.txt", "r").readlines():
        login_info = line.split()
    api = PyiCloudService(login_info[0], login_info[1])
    if not api.validate_verification_code(auth_code):
        wf.add_item(title="Failed to verify!",
        subtitle='Please try again', valid="No", icon=ICON_WARNING)
        subtitle='Use keyword "overhere" to find your lost device', valid="No")

    if name == 'main':
    wf = Workflow3()
    log = wf.logger


    Alfred-workflow uses python 2.7, so I’m not sure if that’s the issue, or is it something to do with calling pyicloud from a different python program? I’m new to Python so sorry if this is a stupid question!

    arghhh sorry about the formatting! I could put it on pastebin if that helps
    Hi, I am looking to access user's iCloud storage using their ID and password, from the document only listing and download option is shown. Can we do other functionalities like upload, delete, create a folder etc using this? and also will the 2sa be asked again once we do that once for a user?
    Markus Hartmann
    Hi I love your library and I really enjoyed to create my little photo backup with it. All worked fine but one shared folder - our family album - didn't show up. I like to help to implement this feature and want to know if you can provide an API documentation of the iCloud fotos api, so I can try to provide a pr.
    Hey guy's how to create an event in the apple calendar with pyicloud python package
    Jörg Menke
    Hi all! I recently inherited maintainership for icloudpd (icloud_photos_downloader). That project currently uses a fork of pyicloud with some additional features added to the photos api. Is this project still active? Then I'd like to integrate the features we added into the main project, so that the fork is no longer needed.
    Adam Coddington
    Hi there, @menkej -- I think I have pypi/github maintainership, so I can help you get things merged upstream for sure. Unfortunately, though, I don't really use the project anymore, and most recently, it looks like https://github.com/Quentame has been handling maintainership
    I'm trying to connect to Notes I have saved on my phone/iCloud. However it's showing that it is empty. Anyone have suggestions?
    wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem. I have logged into my iCloud account successfully and can list directories and files. The problem is that the 'Numbers' directory doesn't show any files for some reason when attempting to list the files in that one specific folder. I checked my settings and can confirm that the numbers.app filetype is checked in the cloud settings. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Steven Parker

    iCloud Drive is Apple's essential connection between all your devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, even your Windows PC.While the cost of storage seems expensive in comparison to other online storage services, its advantage is that it works natively across all your devices.

    Read more details: https://bit.ly/3xezpE1

    When I try to run the first line of code "from pyicloud import PyiCloudService" it gives me an import error message, does anyone know anything about this?
    3 replies
    Matija Urh
    Hello, quick question, I just did a quick test with pyiCloud, I run docker container with python image...
    and I did
    >>> from pyicloud import PyiCloudService
    >>> api = PyiCloudService('jappleseed@apple.com', 'password')
    popup showed on my computer "that somebody logged in from this location" allow/deny... but I didn't press anything.. and at this point I can do all the "operations" (geting phone location, status,...)
    Isn't this "going around 2FA" ?
    btw - I then pressed deny and I can still access all the phone data
    Matija Urh
    anyone? I just tried the same on another computer (no connected to me in any way, location/mac/ip/..) and I was still able to get all the date just with username/password
    İsmail Gümüş

    Hey all.

    Anyone knows how can I use this service on c# ?

    I am trying to integrate iCloud location services to our project. I can only get the location for 2 minutes, then program throws an exception code 450. But as I can see, python code gets the location with no problem. I have been testing it nearly 30 minutes and there is no problem with it.

    Sagar Jaiswal
    @coddingtonbear Is it possible to get backups? Usually iphone backups are stored in the Icloud drive so, is it possible to get the backup with this library?

    Hello guys,
    I am also working on a new iCloud feature hide my mail, i just want to auto create hide my mail mails and save them into a csv file. I am a beginner and I want to log in to iCloud using post requests and then create those mails. Can somebody help me just get a log in function

    Thanks :))

    Andrew Schell
    Does pyicloud intereact with or have access to ibooks or books as apple calls them now?