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Jun 2016
Jun 04 2016 19:52
can one compare WinRT and Gtk+ ? They both provide bindings for higher level languages such as JavaScript. But I didn't found comparisions in the Internet.
cwensley: ^^
or this is like comparing apples vs oranges. If som then what i don't know?
Curtis Wensley
Jun 04 2016 20:07
huh? I'm not sure why you are comparing those.. Gtk+ is cross platform, WinRT is not so it is pretty moot
what insight are you hoping to gather?
Jun 04 2016 20:09
i want to know is it good idea to build GUI with Gtk+/JavaScript binding. JavaScript have limited multithreading (which is suitable for progressbars and may be background rendering of some images). As an alternative is full C# (which is on top of Gtk+ anyway)
cwensley: What If the entire IT world will choose to drop C# in favor of JavaScript? WPF is not updated actively, C# is not very popular on linux... (in comparison with python, for example)
Jun 04 2016 20:15
and java, of course