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Oct 2017
Heejeong Park
Oct 16 2017 05:25
Thanks. :worried: It was so sad that does not work. How about this way? this sample override CreateControl method inherited from FormHandler.(It return mahapp window
Heejeong Park
Oct 16 2017 05:30
Time difference OTL...
Heejeong Park
Oct 16 2017 05:50
jabbr is that older version...? Oh well... Do I have to use poor design?
Simonas G
Oct 16 2017 05:52
YOu don't have to, what I tried to do with Eto.Wpf.Metro is just use Styling to change well.. styles to Metro ones
Oct 16 2017 17:12
Is there a tentative release date for 2.4?