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Mar 2018
Mar 22 2018 01:20
Ah, so the secret is really to do the work on the Mac - then you can bang the Mac projects into shape easily. I wonder why VS on Windows isn't flexible here.
Simonas G
Mar 22 2018 06:20
Eto.CodeEditor :clap: now I'm waiting for Eto.CodeEditor.Gtk :D
Curtis Wensley
Mar 22 2018 15:54
@philstopford: yeah, Xamarin.Mac full is limited to reference only .NET 4.5 projects for some strange reason. You can go higher, but it isn't supported and you can't link your project to make it smaller
Mar 22 2018 16:09
I forced it to 4.6.2 and it seems to build and run.
The one remaining quirk is the OpenTK substitution that seems to be deeply engrained somewhere.
I can't get the Mac etoViewport build to run, but I wonder whether I should care that much. It throws an obscure error code with NSURLOpen....
(distinct from XamMac, which seems fine with the OpenTK manually replaced)