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Apr 2018
Simonas G
Apr 30 2018 11:41
Hmm. GridView.SelectedItem binding doesn't work?
Tried on Wpf and Gtk.
For now GridView.SeletedItems?.FirstOrDefault() will work I guess
Curtis Wensley
Apr 30 2018 18:54
@SlowLogicBoy: There's no SelectedItemChanged event, so two-way binding doesn't work without a few extra lines
Apr 30 2018 19:48
Is there a quick and easy way to show a dialog asking for user input (e.g. a text string) from a second form spawned by control within a form and to capture the resulting entry? I'm not certain how to handle this case - I've been fortunate to be essentially working from a single form up to now.
Curtis Wensley
Apr 30 2018 19:49
Other than just basic programming, there's nothing specific in Eto that would make that scenario easier.
not that I'd know of any way to make that easier/simpler, unless you have suggestions
Curtis Wensley
Apr 30 2018 20:03
or are you just asking how to create a dialog that returns a value?