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Repo info
    Hey @pilu, will fresh be updated? it would be pretty useful if could specify build options like -tags, and watch additional directories like dependency's path.
    I have saw some PRs about this, will them be merged?
    Andrea Franz
    hi @jinzhu , yes I’m working on a new version, I’m just a little bit slow because I don’t have a lot of time for this but I hope to release it soon
    @pilu understand that, thank you!
    for me, the best reload for go web app. I'm waiting for the new version! thanks you!
    Andrea Franz
    thank you @dashaus
    Maciej Lisiewski
    Hey. While I'm aware of the Fresh2 being in progress I've started reviewing pull requests and merging them into my fork of Fresh. I'm documenting progress here c2h5oh/fresh#1
    Maciej Lisiewski
    aaaand it's 4am because I ended up either merging or rewriting every single pull request + replaced pilu/config with toml (proper arrays > comma separated strings) + refactoring a nice chunk of the code. I blame ADHD :P
    Andrea Franz
    nice work! I’ll try to finish version 2 soon and see if I can rewrite all those fixes!
    Maciej Lisiewski
    I would open a pull request for v1, but I've made braking changes - old config files will no longer work
    Akira Chiku
    Hi, just let you guys know I created sort of fork of fresh. Its code is pretty much based on fresh (thanks so much for open sourcing the tool! it really rocks!!). https://github.com/achiku/wbs
    Andrea Franz
    @achiku good job!
    Akira Chiku
    @pilu Thanks!
    Moiz Chauhan
    This message was deleted
    Brandon Parise
    Love this tool! Every time I modify my main.go file, the process actually restarts twice. Seems the watcher is firing two events: CREATE and MODIFY|ATTRIB.
    hi guys
    one quick question
    i set log_color_app = "blue", yet my application log text still in white
    is this option actually work?
    Andrew Hoff
    Hey guys! having some weird issue where the watcher just seems to hang after running a docker-compose restart, any thoughts???
    Tomaz Lovrec
    hello, is it possible to pass arguments/flags to the app that is being rebuilt/ran by fresh?
    2 replies
    How to run fresh in windows 7&
    Steve Friedman
    Hi yall Im not able to get any files that I volume mount to root directory specifically in my docker container. One of the files being mounted there is my main.go. Fresh doesnt seem to recognize any changes made in these files that are being mounted. Any idea why this would be so?
    Supreme Stalin
    uh hi, for fresh i ran go get github.com/pilu/fresh and when i attempt to instantiate fresh i simply get fresh: command not found
    can anyone help w/ a solution for this
    nvm this is dead as shit lmao