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    any one here want to help?
    Jimerson Montiel Pastran


    I have a frontend application login with Pimcore backend users. But I am having problems when creating objects with the datahub, the \Pimcore\Tool\Admin::getCurrentUser(); always returns null when set the userOwner property. But when I create the objects with the PHP Api it sets the property correctly, with the user logged in.

    Any idea how to solve it, thanks.



    I am trying to install Portal Engine based on https://pimcore.com/docs/portal-engine/current/Installation/Installation.html.

    When I try to install Enterprise Metadata Bundle as described in https://pimcore.com/docs/asset-metadata/current/Installation.html (composer require pimcore/asset-metadata-class-definitions) I get the following error:

    [InvalidArgumentException] Could not find a matching version of package pimcore/asset-metadata-class-definitions. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is available in a s tability which matches your minimum-stability (stable).

    Any ideas?

    3 replies
    I am getting error Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Doctrine\DBAL\ForwardCompatibility\Result::execute() in /var/www/PPI/vendor/pimcore/pimcore/lib/Cache/Pool/Doctrine.php:216. I have added patch for this but override is not working for Doctorine.php
    I am getting Uncaught Error: The route "pimcore_admin_document_document_doctypesget" does not exist.
    :beers: to the beta release of Pimcore X :)
    While i upgraded pimcore to 6.8.0 gettng Uncaught Error: The route "pimcore_admin_document_document_doctypesget" does not exist.
    at Router.getRoute (router.js:272)
    at Router.generate (router.js:289)
    Axel Tietje
    Hi all, I’m using Pimcore 6.8.11 and I have a logging problem an I simply don’t get it… I don’t want E_USER_DEPRECATED in my logs, but they show up when I have level: infoin my monolog.yml. How come?
          type: amqp
          exchange: 'PhpAmqpLib\Channel\AMQPChannel'
          exchange_name: 'logs'
          formatter: 'Monolog\Formatter\JsonFormatter'
          level: info
    Michael Hader
    Hello, when I'm uploading multiple Assets (Images) at once, the Server is DOSing itself during the Upload/Thumbnail generation process. Did anyone experience similar behavior? I am using the official Pimcore Docker Image with Apache and PHP 7.4
    Dmitry Dobrinin

    I am trying to find the CSS files which are responsible for displaying pimcore-demo frontend.

    I thought that pimcore-demo uses builder or smth else to build css files (e.g. /web/static/css/global.css) but after hours of searching I still cannot find a dedicated variables.css file or special css-built logic. Also I do not understand how to change bootstrap variables such as container width for a specific screen width.

    Did developers of pimcore-demo project just put all the CSS code into one file and didn't use any preprocessing and building tools?

    Thanks for help.

    gz to all the people that worked on pimcore X :beers:
    Lennart Fries
    Is it just me or is the routing via symfony routing annotations broken in recent pimcore versions? Did I miss some upgrade info?
    2 replies
    Hello, I am trying to understand the concept of channel in Pimcore. I saw in the demo that we can define different output channel. But I cannot find how to use the output channel definition. Could someone provide more information about this ? Thank you.
    Hi, why are grayed out classification store fields/keys (e.g. for variants) not included in a datahub GET query? In my case its a select field.
    Is there a way to customize admin interface in pimcore ?
    5 replies

    Hello, in pimcore v6.8 , If I am creating folder for dataobject, I am getting below error.

    Call to undefined method getClassName in class Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Folder

    but when I refresh, folder is displayed.Unable to trace the reason of the error.
    Anybody have solution..please help.

    Roland Berneder
    Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 11.43.12.png
    PimcoreX Error: The SessionBagInterface "pimcore_admin" is not registered.
    Anyone any idea? :-D
    (PimcoreX Beta2)
    Trịnh Tùng Anh
    Anyone got "x-pimcore-output-cache-disable-reason: Session in use" when deploy the Pimcore to AWS in cluster architecture ?
    Jimerson Montiel Pastran
    Overwrite NotificationEmailService.php class of Workflow component.
    How could I overwrite this class from my AppBundle, to add more parameters to the notifications that are sent in my workflow. As suggested in the documentation. Thanks

    I'm using pimcore 6.8.10 and coreshop 2.2.9
    I'm trying to set perspectives. Im just renaming app/config/pimcore/perspectives.example.php to app/config/pimcore/perspectives.php
    On login I get error (in log-file):

    User sqadmin is not allowed requested perspective . Falling back to default.

    pimcore shows up normally
    User sqadmin is defined as admin-User
    In file-menu I don't have any perspectives - not even menu item perspectives.

    What's wrong?, any ideas?

    Michael Frank

    Pimcore X (CLI Install) always throw:

     * Unrecognized option "method" under "pimcore.email". Available options are "debug", "return", "sender", "usespecific".

    Fresh Installation make a lot of trouble. Any other experiences during a fresh installation?

    2 replies
    Jimerson Montiel Pastran
    How can I overwrite the Pimcore\Workflow\Notification\NotificationEmailService, service, I need to customize some methods of this class. Thanks
    Piotr Rugala
    Laura Kenny
    I'm using Pimcore 6.8. I've added a field collection to a data object class. I want the field collection to be open on the first load. Is this possible?
    At the moment the user has to click on the green cross to add the field collection and I'd like to avoid this.
    I see there is the option to add a maximum number of items but not a minimum.
    Is the only way to achieve this by adding an event listener, as suggested here?
    Valentin Sampl
    Hi, are there any examples how to add additional fields to documents or extend the default page document (for a new page type) and add fields? I'd like to add fields to the settings tab or create an additional tab including those fields. I know this could get achieved through properties, but the values should be mandatory and adding properties is to inconvenient in this case imho. Thanks

    after deploying new/changed stuff from dev to test-env, I got error from backend.
    I see login-page for admin.
    After login I get:

    GET /js/routing?callback=fos.Router.setData net::ERR_ABORTED 500 (Internal Server Error)
    GET /admin/Ext/ux/form/MultiSelect.js?_dc=1605606152097 net::ERR_ABORTED 500 (Internal Server Error)
    Uncaught Error: The route "pimcore_admin_document_document_doctypesget" does not exist.
        at Router.getRoute (router.js:272)
        at Router.generate (router.js:289)
        at startup.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:319
        at Object.invoke (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.doInvokeAll (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.invokeAll (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.unblock (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.triggerReady (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.checkReady (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)
        at Object.load (ext-all.js?_dc=e2d8837a46ce0a99711be8cc5927418bb221286b:22)

    I deployed with:

    git pull
    composer install
    bin/console pimcore:deployment:classes-rebuild
    bin/console pimcore:cache:clear
    bin/console cache:clear

    Do I miss something? How do I get this error fixed?
    And yes, this Env has been working
    Frontend is working
    Any help appreciated

    I am facing the same issue, anyone can help?

    1 reply

    I uploaded a picture incorrectly and since then trying to go to Pimcore from the browser gives me this error:

    at ParameterBag->resolveValue(array(array('branding' => array('color_login_screen' => '#303030', 'color_admin_interface' => '#303030', 'login_screen_custom_image' => 'https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fmammoth.co%2Fproducts%2Fgrizzly-02&psig=AOvVaw067-Q4fnOZxjcMhsoXFry2&ust=1618598511698000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCICV37zzgPACFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD', 'login_screen_invert_colors' => false))))
    in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 62

    How do I fix this?


    when I use "lowQualityPlaceholder" in pimcore_image, "srcset" is replaced by "data-srcset". That is correct, but now w3c validator is complaining that srcset is not available.
    Is there a solution?
    Katarzyna Kajzar
    After few months works my Ubuntu 18 on WSL2 in Windows build 19042.928 , Ubunt has lost internet connection. It couldn't connect to xserver as well. To you know what happend, where should I looking for reason?
    is it worth to install symfony bundles? and where to put the config? i'm puzzled...
    Will Autowiring work with them?
    @campino2k Yes, I have used the geocoder bundle in one of my projects. It is most definitely worth installing Symfony bundles, if they help you in any way. You can put the config for example into app/config/config.yml. Autowiring should work as well, give it a try!
    Michael Frank
    Anyone have a quick hint how to use DynamicKeyValues within Wvison-DataDefinition-Bundle?
    Would like to use a dynamicValue from the imported data. Tryed this in "Key" %DataObject(object_id,{"method" : "getSerialNumber"}) but seems that´s wrong ;-)
    @ITspirit You could either use a custom interpreter, if your key is based on the imported data or a Runner (postRun), if your key is based on the object's data.
    1 reply
    how to setup(configure) advanced object search in pimcore 6.9.1
    message: "Unrecognized option "method" under "pimcore.email". Available options are "debug", "return", "sender", "usespecific"."
    what to do?
    2 replies
    Dennis Pfahlbusch
    Hey, whats the best way to parse the content of an pdf file beside the internal Libreoffice adapter?
    Archana Goyal
    What is the best practice to push pages(document) changes from local to server. we are using git to push file changes but what about database data that stored pages data. Is there any plugin or script to do so.
    For me this is user data and should not be exchanged between local / server ... if you really need it you can write a migration https://pimcore.com/docs/pimcore/current/Development_Documentation/Development_Tools_and_Details/Migrations.html
    Archana Goyal
    @frithjof, thanks for reply. I am creating CMS pages from document part of Pimcore. this is public content for every one. So first I am creating pages on my local pimcore system then I will push them to server(stage and prod).
    why dont you design them on the server? you can set them unpublished
    Archana Goyal
    I don't think, this is a good idea..

    Content migration¶

    The content migration between environments is not provided by Pimcore and it's not recommended at all.

    The content should be created by editors in the production environment and visibility on the frontend can be managed by built-in features like publishing / unpublishing / versioning / scheduling / preview the effect in editmode.

    Therefore, editors shouldn't work on different stages.

    Of course, the content migration is possible but this is always a very individual task depending on data model, environments and use cases.

    If you need some kind of content migration utilize the PHP API for assets, objects and documents for doing so.

    Archana Goyal
    Hi @frithjof , thanks for your all replies. It help me.
    Hi everyone. How can I override class inside Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data ?