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Repo info
    also we have setup this project but it is unable to run in browser
    can you help us
    Hi, is there a way to set multiple database in config yaml to use as fallback? in case the database goes down the application automatically switches to the second database. (the sync between db will be guarantee with galera)
    1 reply
    Leonel Matias Domingos
    Does anybody integrate or import from Kafka , Debezium source records?
    Hi There, I'm running ./verdor/bin/pimcore-install to install a new pimcore site, how can I include the SSL connection info in the pimcore-install command?
    1 reply
    1 reply
    Gabriel Wanzek
    Hello to all! I have a newbie question: Is it possible to open multiple pages/modules in new tabs (pimcore not browser-tabs) in the admin interface with a hotkey+click or (mouse wheel click by default)? (For example, I want to open "Users" and "Roles" at the same time without navigating through the menu again)
    Siddharth Chaudhery
    hi all,
    has any one installed pimcore 10.x on red hat machine or knows if it can run fine without any issues.
    Kumar Praveen
    Hi any one knows how to by pass the preupdate event
    Sick Sadist
    Hello everyone :-)
    How to add conditional field in a pimcore object?
    It will only be required if the condition is met.
    gcloud deploy install fails on runtimeconfig.v1beta1.waiter, has any come across that error and recommend a fix for a newbie?
    Ganesh Kandu ( गणेश कांदु )

    any one know how to resolve this issue

    ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php80) failed: Permission denied (13)

    I'm trying to migrate asset to aws s3 as storage location when I run command
    bin/console pimcore:migrate:storage asset
    I got this message
    [WARNING] Skipped migrating storage "asset": please make sure "pimcore.asset.storage.source" and
    "pimcore.asset.storage.target" configuration exists.
    I don't know where's location I should put flysystem.yaml config file also if any one have full configuration or steps to use aws s3 as storage location plz share with me
    Chauhan Mukesh

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on a PIMCORE CMS project. Here I want to add objects from CMS frontend and for that
    I don't want to create the form entirly from scratch I want to use pimcore form. The challanging part for me is that applaying localized fields in frontend and also relational fields.

    Is there any way to use the PIMCORE dataobject forms as in frontend.

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    This message was deleted
    1 reply
    Hi there, does anyone know how can I add a select JS event listener to an object class field?
    2 replies
    Thomas Alexander

    Do you have opensource pimcore bundle to implement oidc which can work with azure ad

    I came across this, not sure if this is available for non enterprise version?

    8 replies

    has anyone figured out how bin/console translation:extract and pimcore shared translation work together?
    if i do bin/console debug:translation de --domain messages a translated key is still marked as missing.

    do i miss a config or are those symfony commands not „connected“ to the pimcore translations?

    Hello everyone,
    On the documentation, it says: "Also the getter has been omitted because Reverse Object Relation are not exposed through exporters."
    But i can already get them with (e.g.) getMyReverseField(). Is that changed/unintended or am i misunderstanding the docs?
    2 replies
    Hussam Cheikhis

    Hello, am trying to add additional Area Bricks in my portal , i have configured the service yaml like :

            - { name: pimcore.area.brick, id: hero-component }

    and i have extended the my HeroComponent php class with Pimcore\Bundle\PortalEngineBundle\Document\AbstractAreaBrick .
    but nothing happends !

    Hi there, I'm quite new to pimcore and would need help - Some labels of fields in a class disappear under the input field. Is there any way to adjust this?
    Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 14.48.38.png
    2 replies
    Vikash kumar
    how can i fetch data from filed collection
    11 replies
    Hi! I' m trying to override treeGetChildsByIdAction method and instead of propper tree strucutre I've got this "Root" folders.I attach config in routes.yaml. Can you help me?
    Rushit Khunt
    Hi All,
    I have one question for performance, if we have 400+ attributes on one single class then Pimcore will work fine, or will face the performance issue??
    2 replies
    Hello All,
    I have existing project on pimcore 6.8
    and want to upgrade on pimcore10(current) version.
    good choice
    is there any example of a Custom Persistent Model with a composite indice, using DAO?
    Michael Albrecht
    Hi @all!
    We have a problem in our Pimcore (10.5) Admin Backend: Some of our developers see labels in a field containers on our test server and for some of then they "broken"; means they are compressed in two lines although the browser versions are the same.
    So all of them are watching the same site but with different results. Anyone ever had that problem?!
    1 reply
    Lennart Dietz
    Hi @all !
    I am currently struggling with importing Excel-DateTimes with the DataHub Importer. What is the correct way of using the asDate function during the Transformation-Pipeline? Neither 'Y-m-d' nor 'YYYY-mm-dd' does seem to apply. Found somewhere in the documentation that Carbon Date seems to run in background, yet i am not able to discern what proper expression has to be used.
    Any help is welcome :)

    Hi Everyone

    I have a problem with this question and I can’t provide the right answer. Is there someone who can help me out?
    Question 4: What are possible ways to fetch image thumbnails from Data hub API query?

    1. By providing thumbnail parameter on image attribute fullpath in the query.
    2. By using GraphQl inline fragment.
    3. Using Transformers for image attribute in the schema definition.
    4. By just requesting fullpath of image attribute.

    The answer 1 ,4 and 3 should be the right answer. But the system keep saying that the answer is not correct. Why?

    Nikita Serdakov

    Hello, pimcores :)
    Have a question about the validation for data objects: I didn't find any solution for custom validation fields for specific fields. More over: I went dip to the action controller and didn't find anyhing there.
    Next: turns out that I can save object with absent mandatory fields if I change send API call. And it's strange as for me.
    But ok with API call, lets' skip it. How I can add custom validation?
    Actually I have a block, and have a select boxes in each and I need to have keys unique.

    Thanks for helping in advance ;)

    Brij Kishor
    Hi Guys,
    Now, Pimcore have removed this https://pimcore.com/docs/api/ link completely from all pim version doc pages, how i can still see the classes functions/detailed docs?? In current doc there is not much information about any classes that what are the functions/class/parameter available.
    Can anyone help here??
    Nikita Serdakov
    Is this chat alive? Any product supporter? Because there are a lot of questions without any answer.
    Kumar Praveen
    Hi Team
    I am trying to fetch the localized classification store field In GraphQL but its returning default lanuage
    any one have idea
    Thomas Alexander

    currently i have .env file with these file


    and as per recommendation in performance documentation i want to use below config


    what is the best way to support multi environments like dev,qa,uat and prod

    1 reply
    Hi there, is there any ways let Pimcore sync new manual created file on assets folder? As I know, Pimcore had a assets table to store all assets info. If user upload or touch a file under pimcore assets folder on server, How can I let pimcore know there's new asset file?
    5 replies
    Hello everyone. How can I share documents, assets and classes, that have been created in pimcore admin, on github so that everyone that pulls the code has access to those items?
    4 replies

    I am trying to set custom layouts for variants automatically. I use the template from https://pimcore.com/docs/pimcore/current/Development_Documentation/Best_Practice/Showing_Custom_Layouts_based_on_Object_Data.html for this.

    Unfortunately I don't quite understand "$hierarchyLevel = $object->getLevel(); ". What exactly does getLevel() return? How can I test it? Is the value stored in the database?

    Also, the following sentence from the documentation "An example would be the structure we use in our e-commerce demo application, where we have three levels of product hierarchy: Item, Color Variant, Size Variant" unfortunately not up to date I could not find the corresponding layouts in the demo.
    Matheus Gontijo
    Is the Magento-Pimcore connector from Divante abandoned? Basically 2-3 years without updates....

    Hi there
    I'm running pimcore in AWS Fargate. Generally we have two tasks/container running at the same time.
    When I do a new deployment, two new container are getting started.
    It happens quite often that one of them fails to start, as both container are running pimcore:deployment:classes-rebuild and so both try at the same time to alter the database.
    Right now I have just configured the command in the entrypoint file of the dockerfile

    How do you handle this problem?