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    If so, the CSV import has been removed from the core. You can use for example the https://github.com/pimcore/data-importer bundle for importing data into Pimcore X.
    Karel Mensink
    @aarongerig thnx, i'll try
    @aarongerig thanks, I didnt notice I had an uppercase i in my route :D

    Hello my apologies for the wall of text, I was wondering if somebody could shed some light on the following:

    I am building a product Class, i want to:

    • add one or more attributes and fill them. With this setup the user is able to select one or more attributes to be added to a product
    • I want to add these attributes programmatically as the client has supplied a list of 150 attributes
    • each attribute should have an additional multi selector in which the administrator can define in what channels this attribute should be visible

    After some research I was not able to find a import method for Class related attributes except for constructing a custom bulk import via Data Objects with a custom json file This seems to work with importing Object Bricks, but this feels like the wrong approach and not scalable( one error and its back to manual editing of the class).

    I also found some methods regarding creating FieldCollections via the PHP Api, however this seems to rely on the fact that a fieldCollectionClass should already exist, is this assumption correct?

    At this point I am not sure whether to use Object Bricks, fieldCollections or something custom?.
    What is the best way forward for this specific case?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I apologize for the stupidity, but:
    pimcore.helpers.openObject(129, 'object');

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'openObject' of undefined


    window.top.pimcore.helpers.openObject(129, 'object');

    It work
    Axel Tietje

    Hi, I already asked this question some time ago but I still found no answer.

    How can CoreCacheHandler::$handleCli be set to true in Pimcore 10? I can inject CoreCacheHandler in Pimcore 6, but this class is now @internal. Pimcore docs say I should use \Pimcore\Cache directly but there's no method for setting $handleCli. setForceImmediateWrite is there, but no setHandleCli.

    I found no place in Pimcores code using that setting. Caching seems to work for me without setting $handleCli to true. Is that feature not used anly more?

    Hi everyone. How do you deal with tasks object lists aren't quite suitable for? For example, I need a sum of a certain object field, out of all existing object instances. Loading an object list, looping through it and counting "manually" seems like a really bad idea. The first thing that comes to my mind is a simple sum SQL query. What is the correct way of doing these types of tasks?
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    Katarzyna Kajzar
    How set Asset in ImageGallery via PHP api?
    $fieldCollection = $product->getInUse(); $fieldCollection->setItems($photoAsset); $product->setInUse($fieldCollection);
    @katwer The ImageGallery data type is basically an array of Hotspotimages. If you want to add an asset to the gallery you have to pass it a Hotspotimage.
    $imageGallery = $product->getImageGallery() ?? [];
    $imageGallery[] = new Hotspotimage($asset);
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    Katarzyna Kajzar
    I have one more problem, with roles and permissions. In my local env it works fine, in remote server in gui dashboard I have white page, without left and right panels. If user has admin permissions, everything is good, where just some role in system, white board.
    In settings is exactly the same. How it works? Where sholud I check?
    3 replies
    Hi, guys. May someone tell, can I import DataObject->Classes just using files from another project? Or I also need something from DB?
    1 reply
    Fernando Yannice
    just curious, in objects table, field o_id using int unsigned and for object_query_xxx field oo_id using signed int, why oo_id not using unsigned too ? because it join with objects table. is it impact for perfomance if using same data type ?
    Geoff Sulcer
    Using Pimcore v6.2.3, trying out personalization targeting for the first time. Wired up controller with VisitorInfoStorageInterface according to documentation. Any GET request to the page, the VisitorInfo data is available, but any POST request to the page, the VisitorInfo is always null. Is there a config setting necessary to allow the VisitorInfo to populate on POST requests?
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    Axel Tietje

    Hi all, in Pimcore 10 I'm overriding models as described in https://pimcore.com/docs/pimcore/current/Development_Documentation/Extending_Pimcore/Overriding_Models.html

    I have a model with a method that needs to build a uri from a static route. How can I inject Pimcore\Routing\Staticroute\Router into a model so that

    $object = MyModel::create();

    works? In Pimcore 6 the method looked like

    class MyModel extends Pimcore\Model\DataObject\MyModel {
       // […]  
        public function getTheGeneratedUrl(): string
            $route = Staticroute::getByName('MyRouteName');
            return $route->assemble(['param' => $this->getParam()], true)

    Now it seems like I need to use Pimcore\Routing\Staticroute\Router, but how can that service be accessed within a custom model? Simply using Bootstrap::kernel()->getContainer()->get(Router::class); won't work.

    6 replies

    Hey all, I have a question regarding the the way Pimcore stores Classification Stores in combination with versioning in git.

    I have a Class named "Product", and a classification store named "Specs"with id 14 set up locally. When I install Pimcore on a server i can use the Product class with no problems. However, the Classification Store is not 'committed' to git's versioning. On Staging the product class still has a reference to the classification store with id 14, but this classification store does not exist.

    What I've tried: I created a new classification store on staging with the same set of fields and setup the Product Class to use the new Classification Store. This works, however on the first new deployment git correctly states that my Product Class is overwritten and my deployment is stopped. After each deployment via Git the classification store in the Product class should be set again to the correct Classification Store.

    What is the general best practice with regards to the classification stores? Is it possible to commit the classification stores that I have setup locally in my Git Repo or should I use a different method?

    Thanks in advance

    12 replies
    HI All, when i am installing data hub simple rest in pimcore version 10 its give me error
    Could not find a matching version of package pimcore/data-hub-simple-rest. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is available i
    n a stability which matches your minimum-stability (dev)
    i wants to create rest APIs in pimcore X with JWT tocken how its possible in version 10
    2 replies
    Hi, ist it possible to change the key (under Path, Key & ID) of a document?
    Neelam Rani
    hi i am getting this error while click on number type field in extjs grid panel
    Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'insertBefore' on 'Node': parameter 1 is not of type 'Node'.
    Please guide
    Mayur Champaneria

    Hello All.

    Is this Core level error in Console?

    GET https://DOMAIN/admin/Ext/ux/form/MultiSelect.js?_dc=1625828414215 404 (Not Found) ext-all.js?_dc=9a33afacc268d9779bf6419639e8c208355e50c0:22

    Because file is not there at this Location.


    Hello dear community!

    I have added a setting to an existing areabrick (image gallery). In the backend, a grid size can now be selected via 'Pimcore Select'.
    The brick is already included in some pages and snippets. But so far the new setting only takes effect when I open a single page in the backend and then save it. But now I don't want to open and save each page individually for the setting to be active. Does anyone have an idea how I could do this for the entire site? Or would this have to work 'out of the box'? I have tried setting a default value.

    {% if grid_select.isEmpty() %}
        {% do grid_select.setDataFromResource("3") %}
    {% endif %}
    Michael Frank
    In the Bundle&Bricks List there is a column "Configure". I know that with the old "plugins" it was possible to define a configuration which can be managed here. But, i can´t find if it is still supported? The documentation has no information about a "bundle configuration" possibility.
    Is this just for legacy support or is it still possible to use it?
    1 reply
    Prateek Suhane
    Hi All,
    We are using a Data Importer extension in one of our project but the features available out of box are not sufficient. We need few more generic features. What new features we can expect in the upcoming releases of this extension?
    2 replies
    Katarzyna Kajzar
    Hi Guys!
    In Pimcore 6.8 I have no idea how to set prod env in my prod server.
    In Settings dev-mod is unchecked, when I try to write .env file with
    I've 500 error on page. What sholud check?
    4 replies
    Dennis Pfahlbusch
    @solverat is there an eta when the seo bundle, schema bundle and emailizr are available/compatible with pimcore x? :-)
    1 reply
    Eelco Kruders
    Hi all, what's a pimcore X ready export tool (when enterprise is not an option yet)? Were using w-vision data definitions in pimcore 6.. but does not seem ready for pimcore 10? :(
    5 replies
    Dheeraj Verma
    Hi Guys!
    Is it possible to achieve multi-tenancy in pimcore?
    3 replies
    Eelco Kruders
    Hi all, i'm using Datahub importer for g.e. categories. the object class names are becoming e.g. "import-60f29c4ab580c4.15577098". Is it possible the Datahub importer uses a name field instead of "import-" with some UUID?
    Andreas Wulf
    @zetno - it is possible to define a key. Look at "ImportSettings/Mappings".
    1 reply
    Hi Guys!
    I have already incress the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini
    Aleksandar Nikolić
    Hello all,
    I have a problem to setup my ES cluster. I changed my .env file and added two IPs, and the ES as ES is working, but when I want to re-index the stuff for website, I got this error:
    Also, the products are not loaded, just the unicorn is shown
    Can you please tell me what should I do to set up ES cluster in Pimcore
    How can i access inputfields in pimcore with extJS, within some panel?
    I can access fields which are located at the „root“ of the class, but not within some other panels.
    1 reply

    Hi there
    is pimcore 6 ready for composer 2?
    are dachcom-plugins for pimcore ready for composer2?
    What about coreshop 2 and composer2?
    Wvision and Data Definitions?

    any (good/bad) experiences?

    2 replies
    hi guys, is there a way to show only specified languages for users or groups in localized data fields?
    2 replies
    Eelco Kruders
    can you use pimcore graphql queries by using HTTP GET with query parameter?
    1 reply
    Does anyone know of a nice step by step upgrade guide for bundles from pimcore 6.9 to pimcore 10?
    Hi, I am attempting to change custom layout of object while drop down change via startup js. On postOpenObject
    let cbType = object.edit.getLayout().query('combobox[name=markSegment]');
    cbType[0].on('select', function (cb, m) {
    if(cb.value = 'Lable') {
    I do not find any functions on js object to switch custom layout. Any help will be greatly appreciated or another way to do it
    Hi, I am able to switch custom Layout via startup js. Thanks
    Hi, how can I add a new country? When I use the Pimcore country object, Kosovo i missing
    Hi Everyobe
    getting a strange issue
    Getting Redirecting to Admin