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Repo info
    Sebastian Ortega

    good morning dear guys could you help me i'm installing pimcore skeleton
    but at the moment you want to make the clear
    I get the error

    Array to string conversion

    Christopher Siegel
    @Cruiser13 Okay it was probably happening because of a change in Laravel Forge (which we use to provision our servers). After adding the php path in parameters.yml i was able to save the system settings and add the whole $PATH manually. Then all executables showed as working again. Not sure why pimcore doesn't find the files itself... "which php" gets me the correct path...
    Anyway.. it's working now. Thanks for the help!
    Lennart Fries
    @christopher-siegel I don't know why this fails sometimes - I think it might be due to the PHP executing that tests and some permission restrictions on the system. Great that the manual path in the parameters.yml fixed the issue.
    Dennis Pfahlbusch
    Hey @all, whats the best way to check for dependencies in an object-listing?
    Is there any way to give specific role permission on Grid Batch Edit action?
    take a look at DataDefinitions
    hello everyone Call to undefined method getDefinition in class Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Fieldcollection\Data\MyCollection
    kindly give me the solution for this error actually i am using filed collection in my code so kindly just check it out.
    and provide me the solution for this
    can anybody give me the solution for this
    no this not my related to my problem
    Andreas Wulf


    why is this Pimcore-Example-Code not working?

    / disable the automatically added width & height attributes /

    {{ img.thumbnail('sliderLargeTest').html({}, ['width', 'height']) }}


    Output is with width and height of image-tag:

    <picture >
        <source srcset="/_dev/works/works/image-thumb__5960__sliderPreview/external-content.duckduckgo.com7.webp 1x, /_dev/works/works/image-thumb__5960__sliderPreview/external-content.duckduckgo.com7@2x.webp 2x" type="image/webp" />
        <source srcset="/_dev/works/works/image-thumb__5960__sliderPreview/external-content.duckduckgo.com7.jpg 1x, /_dev/works/works/image-thumb__5960__sliderPreview/external-content.duckduckgo.com7@2x.jpg 2x" type="image/jpeg" />
        <img class="sliderPreviewImage" src="/_dev/works/works/image-thumb__5960__sliderPreview/external-content.duckduckgo.com7.jpg" width="350" height="179" alt="" loading="lazy" />
    Andreas Wulf

    Now I tested all this Versions:

    {{ img.thumbnail('sliderLargeTest',{
      'imgAttributes': {
         'class': 'sliderPreviewImage',
      'pictureAttributes': {
      "disableWidthHeightAttributes":true,},['width','height'])|raw }}

    nothing change - width and height is there.

    Jimerson Montiel Pastran

    Hello everyone,

    I am using the process manager package (^4.0) in Pimcore X, but I am getting the following error, apparently the method Pimcore\Mail::setTextBody() does not exist.


    How can I fix it?



    Hey, I'm currently facing some issues with the getBy methods of my classes.
    public function someFunc($status){
    $error = DataObject\ErrorMsg:getByCode($status, ['limit' => 1]);

    // this does not return a ErrorMsg Object instead it returns a car Object

    Has someone faced some similar issues?
    I'm really struggeling to track down the error

    Philipp Walser
    Hi there! I try to migrate to Pimcore X, but I have issues with executing bundle migration. eg if I want to execute data-hub migrations, I get the error "Attempted to load class 'AbstractPimcoreMigration' from namespace 'Pimcore\Migrations\Migration'. Did you forget a 'use' statement for another namespace?" So somehow the console command does not know about the AbstractPimcoreMigration class? Anybody knows what might me the issue here?
    trying to install data importer bundle but kind of stuck here.
    anyone here to give a hand?
    Install worked our i think, don't know how to verify
    but cant get the bundle to enable.
    adding ./bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable PimcoreDataImporterBundle and restarting pimcore does nothing
    installed via bitnami
    Anybody online?
    Caue Moyano
    Hi, good morning. I am a beginner using Pimcore, I want to create some editables. However, I can't find AppBundle folder in my src folder. I'm using Pimcore 10, the demo package. Can anyone help me? Thanks
    Actually, I was reading the wrong documentation. I changed the version I it needs to be done inside this folder src/Model/Document/Editable/
    However, my tree doesn't have this ../Documents folder
    I think you need to check inside the file system of the machine you run it on not inside pimcore.
    Caue Moyano
    Thanks for the response. So, I am running on a bitnami stack instance, I looked for on the entire bitnami folder, but can't find
    bitnami has some documentation also, maybe that has some more info
    Did somebody try to do a filter like low price or the new product.... i need to implement this but i don't now how it work in Pimcore :(
    this might work for you
    Caue Moyano
    Hi there, I am implementing S3 as storage for my project. I followed the docs tutorial and set the flysystem config on the services.yaml file. But when I upload something, it doesn't work. Anyone with experience on it? Thanks
    so s3 storage, when i want to get thumbnails for normal page let's say i have 7 images. The getTemporaryFileFromStream function is called 266 times copying the image from s3 to local. is that really what should happen? It takes 10 sec to process and kills any performance on site opening. Can we avoid $fileSystemPath = $asset->getLocalFile(); when using s3 storage. Pretty much any configuration i tried just kills website performance
    Borut Kovačec
    How can I install v6.9 with command COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton my-project ?
    Borut Kovačec
    Ah found it, version of skeleton is 2.8, not 6.9, so COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton:^2.8 . worked
    Coman Andreea
    Hi everyone.. I have a little problem when I tried to install pimcore.. can you help me?
    for demo version
    Ibrahim Tanović
    Has anyone noticed that in latest Pimcore (v10.0.8) in Documents CMS one cannot add nested block editables that are being used in footer? It is possible to retrieve data for existing nested blocks there however, e.g. for 'Finden & Kaufen' level and 'Popular Brands', 'Autos im Angebot', etc. sublevels.
    Hi everybody. This is my first contact with Pimcore. I'm trying to install the demo using the instructions at https://github.com/pimcore/demo#readme.
    The frontend looks fine (all the shiny cars), but when I login to the admin section, all I get is the loading animation. I would appreciate any help at all.
    6 replies
    Daniel Diesenreither

    Hi community,
    can somebody tell me where to place icon's for areas in Pimcore 10. I've tried project/templates/areas/accordion/icon.png and project/public/app/areas/accordion/icon.png


    4 replies
    Caue Moyano
    hi everybody, for some reason when trying to upload/use an image this error message shows up after loading finishes...
    The process "'/usr/bin/nice' '-n 19' '/usr/bin/facedetect' '/opt/bitnami/pimcore/public/var/tmp/thumbnails/image-thumb480pimcore-system-treepreview/screw.jpg'" exceeded the timeout of 60 seconds.
    Has anyone faced this issue before? Any help is really appreciated.
    Timon Watteny
    Hello everyone, does anyone know if the data importer supports importing an array of dataobjects to a multi href? I am currently trying this with multiple different transformation pipeline options. I've tried exploding on my delimiter, then loading the dataobjects on key and even fullpath. There is no option to load a dataobject for every element (iterator) in my array so I would think that the importer auto detects this since the type has changed to dataObjectArray. For the objects that only have one element in the multi href it does work with this setup:
    Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 15.49.13.png