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    Rahat Hameed

    :point_up: Edit: Hello Everyone,
    We are stuck on strange issue on pimcore login page.

    The response I see in browser. is mentioned below.
    {"status":-2,"error":"Access deny","message":"Access deny"}

    I also checked error logs on sever, which are mentioned below.

    security.ERROR: Detected CSRF attack on /admin/login/login {"request":"/admin/login/login"} \[\] - 19/Oct/2022:12:38:51 +0000 "POST /index.php" 401

    Any help how to fix it is highly appreciated.
    Have a good day.

    :point_up: Edit: Hello Everyone,
    We are stuck on strange issue on pimcore login page.

    The response I see in browser. is mentioned below.
    {"status":-2,"error":"Access deny","message":"Access deny"}

    I also checked error logs on sever, which are mentioned below. -  19/Oct/2022:12:38:51 +0000 "POST /index.php" 401

    Any help how to fix it is highly appreciated.
    Have a good day.

    Jeremy Noonan
    Hi folks!
    Curious on if we are approaching the data importer wrong. We're trying to map in an XML file, and are having issues assigning a sub-property of an XML element to a field. We have the format <Product><PIData><ProductCode>MyCode</ProductCode><Brand>MyBrand</Brand></PIData></Product>
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    Rahat Hameed

    :point_up: Edit: Hello Everyone,
    We are stuck on strange issue on pimcore login page.

    The response I see in browser. is mentioned below.
    {"status":-2,"error":"Access deny","message":"Access deny"}

    I also checked error logs on sever, which are mentioned below. -  19/Oct/2022:12:38:30 +0000 "GET /index.php" 200
    [2022-10-19T14:38:51.896710+02:00] security.ERROR: Detected CSRF attack on /admin/login/login {"request":"/admin/login/login"} [] -  19/Oct/2022:12:38:51 +0000 "POST /index.php" 401

    Any help how to fix it is highly appreciated.
    Have a good day.


    I'm trying to add a button to save and reload to the object template, is there a way to force save waiting before reload? Here the instruction I'm using

    At the moment the object is reloading without waiting so I can't see the updates
    Any help?

    Martina Lindenhofer
    Hi everyone, my question is about Data-Importer bundle. I need to import variants from my xml-file, but I'm failing with passing the data correctly. Does someone of you know how to deal with the new DataTarget "SYSTEM Object Type ("variant"|"object")" ? I tried an array but it doesn't work
    Hi, when trying to drag&drop sort objects with manual sorting in (paginated) folders, Pimcore now advices to use the Search & Move feature. I don't understand the concept of moving objects to a specific position/order using this feature. Can someone explain this to me? (Pimcore 10.5)
    Brij Kishor
    Any pimcore API Link here?
    sanjay chaudhary
    Hi team i am new with pimcore
    2 replies
    getting issue in frontend Areabrick hero-teaser is not registered File: C:\xampp\htdocs\pimcore\vendor\pimcore\pimcore\lib\Extension\Document\Areabrick\AreabrickManager.php Line: 129
    2 replies
    Hi! I try to send a request using postman, but still got message (visible on ss). Could you tell me how to send a POST request in Pimcore for any url I want?
    Gabriel Wanzek
    Hello there!
    Since pimcore already uses ElasticSearch in Advanced Object Search bundle - are there any plans to also provide backend search with ElasticSearch?
    Ralfe Fernando Pereira Ngola
    Hello ,
    How to add a button into object-bricks component? I see for example input field, but I can’t find any options to add a button. I’m using pimcore 6.9
    Jesus Valera Reales

    Hello everybody,
    We had a problem with our staging DB so we decided to restore a backup, but since then, the UI is not loading when we try to open some specific object in the tree, instead, we get an error.
    Fortunately, when we check the logs, we get the following exception, does anyone have any clue why this could be happening?

    [2022-11-07T18:14:06.018596+01:00] pimcore.ERROR: Defuse\Crypto\Exception\WrongKeyOrModifiedCiphertextException: Bad version header. in /var/www/html/vendor/defuse/php-encryption/src/Crypto.php:315 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/vendor/defuse/php-encryption/src/Crypto.php(113): Defuse\Crypto\Crypto::decryptInternal(...
    [2022-11-07T18:14:06.020951+01:00] pimcore.EMERGENCY: Exception: encrypted field venueAvailableWeekdays cannot be decoded in /var/www/html/vendor/pimcore/pimcore/models/DataObject/ClassDefinition/Data/EncryptedField.php:185 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/vendor/pimcore/pimcore/models/DataObject/ClassDefinition/Data/EncryptedField.php(207): Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data\EncryptedField->decrypt(...

    Thank you so much


    I'm facing error on product listing. When I'm selecting item per page 1000 it's not working and giving Status: 0 | communication failure

    The error is

    Timestamp: Wed Nov 09 2022 11:39:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
    Status: 0 | communication failure
    URL: /admin/object/grid-proxy?classId=2&folderId=244&xaction=read&_dc=1667974160325
    Method: GET


    Can any one help me on that

    3 replies
    Hello, I'm getting always this error, can someone help me with this ? ( im using docker ) image.png
    We'are also working alot with Assets, is there a way to extend the Preview & List tab of the assets ? Like changing the display of the assets in the Preview Tab. ?

    Hello mates!
    I try to use the pimcore_inline_script(). I have a TWIG Template where I want to use it. I found the following example in the pc demo:

    {% do pimcore_inline_script().appendScript("
        $('#js_filterfield .custom-checkbox input, #js_filterfield .custom-radio input').on('change', function() {
    ") %}

    Src: https://github.com/pimcore/demo/blob/28bb86bd6a495469458c2197e6807a835d137ca2/templates/product/listing_content.html.twig

    This example doesn't work, because it doesn't insert the script code in the rendered page. No error, no content.

    Aaahhh.... and if I change the code above from {% do to {{ like this:

    {{ pimcore_head_script().appendFile('/my/script/path.js','text/javascript')|raw }}

    The script path will insert (directly in the content). So it looks like the helper function itself runs.

    Have anyone an idea how I get this up running? Any ideas are welcome 👊

    3 replies

    hi guys, quick Q: I have a (php) Listener class in which I need to know if i'm currently in admin edit page for a data object (similar to 'editmode' var in twig)... how to do this check in php?

    Inside a Controller the editmode is available:

    but how to get this in a class that's not a controller (ie a listener class / any other class)?

    any handy array helper functions? I want to pluck 'id' from an array of objects (similar to Laravel's $collection->pluck('id') )
    Hi guys, how can I disable adminer and server file explorer in pimcore for all users?

    Hello All,
    I am pursuing pimcore senior developer certification, but i am stuck in one question - What information is part of output cache key? in Caching chapter.
    options are -
    WebP Support
    Screen resolution

    As per my knowledge from chapter tutorial the answer should be URL and WebP Support, but it is not.

    Kindly help me with this questions concept.

    Thanks in advance.

    2 replies
    Hey, any idea what are possible ways for attaching additional information to relation? i am busting my head with pimcore senior dev certification with that question
    Hi all - I'm testing the pimcore dev version and am hoping to test the data-import functionality - is this possible on this version? I'm not seeing the settings on the ribbon noted above
    4 replies
    Hey there, what is the difference between "Properties" and "Custom Metadata" for assets? Is there any advantage/disadvantage in using one or the other, other than having a language field? I know that basically all entities support "Properties" but only the assets support "Custom Metadata" - but why the need for this extra store? We currently want to decide what to use for all sorts of asset meta data / properties including: source of the asset, processing date and some reference URL. The PHP API looks the same, is there a deeper, technical difference or does it not matter which we use?
    Purshottam Nepal
    Hello @all, how can I prevent a user(admin) from editing field from grid configuration?
    Michael Albrecht
    Hi @all,
    I've a basic problem which should be already known and maybe someone has a solution for it as well ;-)
    I've used a video editable and restricted video types to 'asset' and 'youtube'. After I've inserted an asset as video and opened the asset type selection box: ALL video types are visible and selectable, although I've had restricted it in my twig. Any ideas?
    Any idea how to install chromium on linux to get web2print working with headless chrome?
    PIMCORE : - "Block data type" field data migration through sql query issue
    3 replies

    As we know that in PIMCORE "Block Data type" get save in to a sigle column in "object_store_classID" table in serialized format.

    I need to do data migration for "Block data type" field. As through pimcore object save it is taking too much of time, so I changed the approach and doing directly through sql query and saving serialized data directly in to table.

    All the data get saved in specified format(serialized) in to "object_store_classID" table through sql queries but block field data not getting visible on frontend (Pimcore admin interface). I saved Data in to "Store" and "dependencies" table.

    Can anybody help me to identify If I am missing anything here or any dependent tables related to "Block data type" field?

    Thorugh Pimcore admin interface, If I am saving any data in "Block data type" field it is getting saved in to single column in serialized format and visible to frontend (admin interface).

    However same seriazed format data if I am copying from above object and saved in to other object directly in to Table, it is not visible on frontend (Admin interface).

    Hope I am clear with my points!

    Michael Bremmer
    Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-01 um 12.02.03.png
    2 replies

    Hi, I have a problem in the backend that I don't know exactly where to start debugging. Would be nice if someone could give me a jump start.

    When I want to open some data objects in the backend, I get the following error message. That's it with infos I can give :/ other objects of this kind work ...

    I am using the latest Version of Pimcore
    Denis Mir
    I have got a basic question as a pimcore beginner. Is there an API to access the commerce features in the community version? (I just see on the marketing pages that headless commerce is supported but in the docs there is nothing about a commerce API) So a lot of buzzwords but no real information.
    Denis Mir
    In my question I meant REST API or GraphQL API. No PHP "API".
    1 reply

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing my Junior Dev Certification and only have one question left:
    What can be defined via permissions out of the box in Pimcore Admin Interface?
    .Field based permissions in data objects.
    Access rules based on property values of elements.
    Permissions to most of main menu entries.
    Access rules for Pimcore elements via workspaces.
    Visible Custom Layouts and Perspectives.

    With "via permissions", does it mean the element "Permissions" in the Settings Tab for Roles and Users or the generic term "Permissions" which would also include any settings which allow or disallow something

    BTW the answer by @aarongerig which was stated to be correct by @fashxp previously in this chat unfortunately is marked as wrong. Now having to wait a week
    Montserrat Vivet

    Hi! I want to Install the Pimcore Bundle Generator and use it to generate my own bundle. So I use the following command: composer require pimcore/bundle-generator
    but I get this error:
    Script Pimcore\Composer::clearCache handling the pimcore-scripts event terminated with an exception

    Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json and ./composer.lock to their original content.
    Array to string conversion
    any Idee how I can fix it?

    Hi everyone,
    has any of you ever has the behavior that you cannot create (object-)Advanced-Relations in the backend because extjs does not take the value?
    Thanks for any answer :)
    Martina Lindenhofer
    Hi, has somebody figured out how to import Variants with the data-importer-bundle? there is no information in the docs. I just want to know how I have to provide the variant-data within my xml-file.
    Ralfe Fernando Pereira Ngola
    Martina Lindenhof,
    If you are using the Pimcore community edition, you have to create your own bundle to import or export the data.
    Martina Lindenhofer
    I'm already using the data-importer bundle https://github.com/pimcore/data-importer it's for the free version too. But they forgot to update their docs about the new possibilty to import object-variants too.
    hi, anybody knows why pimcore.sock not created after the installation
    does anyone have an idea on my issue with the exam question? thanks!
    Hello, anybody got any idea why my imports are stuck at 0% (using data importer) but it works on command line as root
    Martina Lindenhofer
    Have you used both commands? The import itself is divided in to steps: 1) prepare (the one you can do manually by hitting the button in die UI) and 2) processing (this can only be done via CLI) - if you've done both and it stucks, it can have many reasons. Maybe the trace of the second command or the import-logger gives some clue. I would check if the data-source is correct.