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Repo info
  • Mar 24 2018 13:51
    Travis voith/web3.py (voith/check-tests) fixed (19)
  • Mar 20 2018 11:40
    Travis voith/web3.py (voith/seperate-tests-for-providers) passed (17)
  • Mar 19 2018 05:45
    Travis voith/web3.py (voith/websockets) fixed (12)
  • Feb 23 2018 18:39
    Travis ethereum/web3.py (master) fixed (2737)
  • Feb 23 2018 13:53
    Travis sbellem/web3.py (flip) passed (1)
  • Feb 23 2018 10:38
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#669 fixed (2736)
  • Feb 23 2018 09:51
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#670 fixed (2735)
  • Feb 23 2018 05:34
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#669 fixed (2732)
  • Feb 23 2018 02:04
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#659 fixed (2729)
  • Feb 23 2018 00:30
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#668 fixed (2727)
  • Feb 23 2018 00:21
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#586 fixed (2726)
  • Feb 22 2018 23:35
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#586 fixed (2724)
  • Feb 22 2018 06:22
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#663 fixed (2721)
  • Feb 22 2018 05:56
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#664 fixed (2720)
  • Feb 22 2018 04:06
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#664 fixed (2718)
  • Feb 21 2018 22:38
    Travis ethereum/web3.py (carver/call-int-block) passed (2710)
  • Feb 21 2018 22:24
    Travis ethereum/web3.py (carver/call-int-block) passed (2709)
  • Feb 20 2018 04:21
    Travis ethereum/web3.py#659 passed (2704)
  • Feb 20 2018 04:16
    Travis ethereum/web3.py (carver/geth-poa) passed (2703)
  • Feb 20 2018 01:00
    Travis ethereum/web3.py@0db9345 (carver/validate-transaction-chainid) passed (2700)
well nevermind, found the information myself. I just run testrpc --gasLimit and I can increase the limit. That was the answer I was looking for.
Mikko Ohtamaa
@jonlindg Hey yes
@jonlindg ok, good
Piper Merriam
@worldofpiggy looks like you're still having an issue with events. Can you open an issue on github with the details of your issue and we can move forward finding a solution for you from there?
@pipermerriam sure thing
Jason Carver
@minibbjd thanks for the report. ABI encodings of string[] and bytesX[] will be fixed in the next v4-beta release, after merging #473
@carver Thumbs up!
Jason Carver
I'm migrating over everyone to the new official channel at https://gitter.im/ethereum/web3.py
@all I'm migrating over everyone to the new official channel at https://gitter.im/ethereum/web3.py
Jason Carver
Looks like I can't migrate everyone (can't get the people list beyond 100 people), so feel free to leave here and join the new room. No conversation will continue in this room besides reminders to move to the new room.
Piper Merriam
Lets plan on deleting this room (and the other legacy rooms) in January. Should be plenty of time for people to migrate
how can I use wep3.py with rpc? the simple web3 = Web3(IPCProvider()) does not work
I figure I have to throw in that path somewhere so it can find the rpc file?
Jason Carver

@ldrapeau the channel that is monitored for web3.py is now: https://gitter.im/ethereum/web3.py

I figure I have to throw in that path somewhere so it can find the rpc file?

Yes, if you put the ipc file in a non-default place, then you can init web3 with w3 = Web3(IPCProvider('/path/to/file.ipc'))

Is it possible to use web3.py with Quorum?
are there any examples yet on how to use the new v4 synchronous filters with third-party Python async libraries?
Jason Carver
Not yet. I believe it's on @djrtwo 's todo-list -- ethereum/web3.py#394
@reverendus is there a particular async library you would like to see documented, or would any example be sufficient?
Oops, this is the old channel @reverendus . Please move to https://gitter.im/ethereum/web3.py
Albert Peng
Can anyone tell me some small and mid-sized exchanges? I want to make my token on the exchange
Piper Merriam
@Honorificabilitudinitatibuses this channel has been archived, join us in the ethereum/web3.py channel
I got some issue filtering all the logs from a smart contract using web3.eth.filter({'fromBlock':1, 'toBlock': 'latest', 'address': '0x...'}) -- I only get the recents logs... whereas I want to get all the events
Piper Merriam
@davidp94 this channel has been archived. Join us in ethereum/web3.py
cool sorry
Kevin Owocki

hey folks, can anyone help me get ENS subdomain registration working with infura? im having a hard time getting a signed tx to work with the setup_owner() method

I logged a github issue here ethereum/web3.py#852

Piper Merriam
responding on the issue
Kevin Owocki
thanks piper
Piper Merriam
Also you're in the wrong channel, this one has techniclly been archived. Come to ethereum/web3.py @owocki
Kevin Owocki
Yadunandan Batchu
Piper Merriam
@nandubatchu this channel is archived, please join us in ethereum/web3.py
Yadunandan Batchu
thank you
Dontrail Cotlage
where could i get documentation on making a smart contract that take tokens from 2 parties then sends the token to 1 of the parties then fraction of the tokens to a 3rd party.
Piper Merriam
@kingassune this room is archived. The correct room can be found at ethereum/web3.py
Mikko Ohtamaa
Any ideas what solc / Populus options I should poke when I cannot produce etherscan verifyContract2 matching bytecode? solidity 0.4.25
Mikko Ohtamaa
found it
was evmVersion": "homestead" flag in solc config
Mikko Ohtamaa
Does solc have an option to produce flattened source code as well?
Mikko Ohtamaa
Yes it does
new things you learn
Hello Everyone
I have an armv7 embedded device with yocto linux running on it and there is no pip installed on it so how can i install a web3.py module on it?Is there any other way of doing that?Can i build from source and how to handle the dependencies etc? Thanks
hello! is someone using Truffle and interacting with python???
Abhishek Kumar
Hello Guys, I am having problem in signing and verifying micropayments in web3.py : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62117851/message-signing-and-verification-for-micropayment-channel
Please help .
hello, I want to know how to decode the error string like this "0x08c379a000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000033496e76616c69642070726f6f663a20556e61626c6520746f20766572696679207468652070726f6f6620636f72726563746c7900000000000000000000000000". which 0x08c379a0 is the hash result of Error.
how the decode the left string, I used decode_single method but is not useful