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Mar 2015
Chad Engler
Mar 10 2015 05:52 UTC
@benny00100 So running those locally, i get the same as on your server. No errors, but the rendered bitmap font looks wrong. I also see where you had to change the bitmap font asset url to make it work. I am working on a fix now.
@ryanmcnz No, but sprite masking is implemented via a filter. The SpriteMaskFilter to be exact. Works basically like this:
var mysprite = new PIXI.Sprite(),
    mymask = new PIXI.Sprite();

mysprite.filters = [new PIXI.SpriteMaskFilter(mymask)];
Mar 10 2015 06:04 UTC
@englercj Wonderful, thanks for the snipplet :)
Mar 10 2015 06:43 UTC
Thanks. It's strange - that it works for you locally, too. I give it a try with a local apache installation and standard port. Strange thing is - that it worked with PixiV2.
Eemeli Kelokorpi
Mar 10 2015 07:20 UTC
How i can set hitArea on Pixi 3?
nevermind, got it!
Mar 10 2015 07:32 UTC
@englercj Ok. Using local apache installation - I got the same results like you.
Mat Groves
Mar 10 2015 09:22 UTC
Hey there @ryanmcnz and @englercj
masking is even easier than that :)
var mysprite = new PIXI.Sprite(),
    mymask = new PIXI.Sprite();

mysprite.mask = mymask
Vlasenko Igor
Mar 10 2015 09:51 UTC
Does anyone know release date of PIXI v3?
Chad Engler
Mar 10 2015 15:55 UTC
@vlasenkoigor There isn't a hard date.