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Mar 2015
Mar 25 2015 11:06
guys, I got skew effect without touching PIXI source: but this solution is very ugly and not so comfortable to use, did you get any progress with implementing it in PIXI core?
I am using here 2 helper DisplayObjectContainers so I guess it should be pretty easy for someone who understand very well updateTransform function to add some additional multiplications, I can't get it working this way
Olav Lindekleiv
Mar 25 2015 12:02
Hmm, so I can connect to gitter from an irc client?
Cool, seems to work. :-)
Mathias Latournerie
Mar 25 2015 13:22
The new doc is cool but is there at least a "compact" css available ? I find it a lot harder to use than the previous one. You can't access the code anymore, the list on the right side has too many white space, and a double scroll. To switch to a different namespace/classes, you need at least one more click and to scroll because you can't see the whole class list. It's prettier however.
Mar 25 2015 15:33
Sorry for late answer. Was on vacation last week.
Just tested RCV4 and can confirm that Bitmap Text now works as expected. Thanks a lot.

Btw, is there an example of how to use the InteractionManager anywhere? = function(e) {

... does not seem to work anymore.

I think we are missing the stopPropagation function in InteractionData:
I would post an issue about that
Mar 25 2015 16:12
Thanks @englercj - will post an issuse for that!